• mobius_core

    What is Mobius?

    Joining Mobius means a focus on community, critical thinking, content, and collaboration. Our students talk about "a lasting connection", "memorable projects", "academic readiness"   for future learning, and "Mobius 4 Life."
    • Mobius is guided by Essential Moral Questions that encourage a deeper understanding and connections between our course, our lives, and our world.
    • Our 2 interdisciplinary projects per year provide opportunities for creativity, risk taking, and real world relevance.
    • We foster a sense of belonging in our SLC (and beyond) through Mobius team building days, outdoor education, community service, and global awareness.

    Mobius is a blended 9th and 10th grade two-year program built from the metaphor of the Mobius strip. We see learning, like the Mobius strip, as identifiable and measurable, yet never with a discrete beginning and end. Mobius organizes curriculum around improving students' ability to answer the question: "How do we know what we know?

    The program's focus is to develop critical thinking skills through integrated instruction based on Essential Moral Questions and/or Provocative Propositions. These open-ended driving questions or provocative statements do not have one answer, but ask students to decide what they believe is best. Often integrating the subjects of English and Social Studies, we create a context in which students can reflect on and reason about their own ethical and moral beliefs in relation to the subjects they are studying. By relating units to the core beliefs, values, and realities in their lives, community, and the larger world, students gain a greater need to know, understand, and demonstrate knowledge.

    Students engage in one large group project each semester, creating a balance between project-based and individual learning. Past projects have included The Utopia Project, creating a perfect society, The Bomb from Multiple Perspectives, understanding the complexity of the bombing of Hiroshima, The Make A Difference Project, focused on celebrating activists who work to improve our world, and The Global Health Summit, where students design solutions to the HIV pandemic. This program is open to students of all interests and abilities.

    Mobius is led by two teachers, Diana Winkler aned Marlene Kandall. These teachers meet weekly to review individual student achievement, conference with individual students as needed, plan curriculum, and evaluate the progress of the students as a whole. During the two-year program, students will receive credit for the following courses: English [4 semesters], World History [2 semesters], Social Issues [1 semester], and World Cultures & Geography [1 semester].