Bicycling and Walking to Redwood


    Bicycling or Walking to School During the COVID Pandemic
    During the ongoing COVID Pandemic, students are still encouraged to ride their bicycles or walk to school.  When parking bicycles in the designated areas around campus, students must maintain a physical distance of 6 feet and follow all other public health guidelines for being on campus.

    Students are encouraged to ride their bicycles to school.  Bicycles should be parked and locked to the bike rack in the designated areas around campus and should not be ridden during the school day.  When riding around campus, students are expected to use reasonable speed and care so not to endanger pedestrians or themselves.  On lawn areas, bicycle should be walked, not ridden.

    The use of skateboards and scooters is prohibited on campus.

    To promote biking and walking to school, Redwood High School works in collaboration with Safe Routes to Schools to develop and evaluate plans that educate students and families about alternative means of transportation.  The following link is a map that was created by Safe Routes to Schools, offering suggested routes for biking and walking to school.

    SchoolPool Route Map

     Campus Bike Rack Maps

    main campus 

    gym area, 500's, 300's