10/2/17 10/3/17 10/5/17

    Learning Objective

    Review our understanding of how to write a good discussion and conclusion and work on Mythbusters project. To assess our understanding of how to write discussions and conclusions (Goal D), and to define Newton’s Laws of Motion and explore how they are applied in the real world.   To present findings from each of the Mythbuster’s Project to the rest of the class.


    1. To-do (Reviewing how to write discussions and conclusions).
    2. Mythbusters project work time
      1. Check in with team about deadlines
    1. To-do
    2. Quiz on Goal D, writing discussions and conclusions
    3. Mythbusters project presentation rubric
    4. Newton’s Laws
      1. Formal Notes pg 1 and pg 2
      2. Video clip examples
    1. To-do
    2. Mythbuster’s Project Presentations!
      1. Reflect on what each group does well and how they can improve
      2. Reflect on how you and your group communicated and collaborated


    1. Study for GOAL D quiz (Writing Discussions and Conclusions) Tomorrow! (10/3)

    2. Continue to collaborate and work on    Mythbusters project with group (DUE THURSDAY!! 10/5)
    1. Mythbusters project (DUE THURSDAY!! 10/5, MUST BE SHARED WITH ME!!). Remember, you will be presenting these projects in class. Make sure your group goes over ALL project rubric guidelines. 

    1. Experimental Design Unit Test NEXT THURSDAY!! (10/12) Work on study guide over the weekend to prepare. Come with questions on Tuesday.

    Links to the videos on study guide:

    -Experimental Design outlines

    -How to make a data table

    -How to make a graph

    -how to write discussions and conclusions

    -Metric conversions (decimal moving system)

    -Metric conversions (math formula)







    9/25/17 9/26/17   9/28/17

    Learning Objective

    To assess our current understanding of Experimental Design Goal C (Analzying data and using measures of central tendancy).  To learn about what kind of information you need to include when writing a discussion and conclusion section for an experiment.  To review what kind of information you need to include in a discussion and conculsion section and collaborate and come up with a timeline for finishing Mythbusters Project.


    1. To-do

    2. Goal C Quiz

            a. Complete reflection questions on back when finished

            b. Work on HW or something else academic when done

    1. To-do

    2. Quiz grading policy (Goal quizzes)

    3. mini quizzes

    4. Writing Discussions and Conclusions (finish for HW if you do not complete)

    5. Mythbusters project work time



    2. Review Writing Discussions and Conclusions

    3. Notebook Check #2

    4. Mythbusters Project work time

      1. Complete crunchtime checklist with group (before chromebooks)
      2. Continue to work on project, hold yourself accountable to your own deadlines!


    1. Complete Marking Period 1 reflection on next blank page of NB.
    2. Continue to collaborate and work on Mythbusters project with group

    1. Continue to collaborate and work on Mythbusters project with group

    2. Study for GOAL D quiz (Writing Discussions and Conclusions) next Tuesday (10/3) 
    1. Continue to collaborate on Mythbusters project. Hold yourselves accountable to your deadlines!
    2. Study for Goal D quiz (Writing Discussions and Conclusions) TUESDAY.






    9/18/17 9/20/17

    Learning Objective

    To learn the components for writing a good procedure, practice dimensional analysis, and begin working on Goal C.  To understand how to plot collected data on a graph along the appropriate axises and using the correct scaling. Students will also practice calculating measures of central tendancy, or values that best represent all data points. Then, project work time! 


    1. To-do (5 min.)

    2. How to write a procedure (20 min.)

    3. Dimensional Analysis (Mathier conversions) (30 min.)

    4. Graphing Skills (30 min., if not done finish for HW)

    5. Start Graphing Practice (HW)

    1. To-do

    2. Review "Graphing Skills" 

    3. Review "Graphingh Practice" with guest teachers

    4. Mythbusters project work time!

    NOTE on Mythbusters project: You should be consulting the Mythbusters project description to make sure you are following all guidelines and project requirements! At this point in the project, you should be in the process or finished with the data collection phase! 


    (Due Wed.):

    • Graphing Practice (READ before you try it)
    • Finish classwork if did not finish in class
    • Work on Mythbusters project. Collect data by end of week.
    GOAL C quiz on MONDAY


    (Due Monday):

    1. Analyzing data, Pt. II 

    2. Graphing Skills will also be turned in

    3. Study for Goal C Quiz on MONDAY. Review graphing practice, graphing skills, and analyzing data to help you study!!!








    9/11/17 9/12/17 9/14/17

    Learning Objective

    To review how to make an experimental design outline and data table and get brief introduction to metric conversions.  To review how to do metric conversions (focus on decicmal point moving). Mathematical formula explained soon! To assess our understanding of how to identify and outline experiemental variables, how to construct data tables, and how to move between metric units.  


    1. To-do

    2. Metric System Rules and Practice

    3. Begin HW

     1. To-do

    2. Metric System Rules and Practice

    3. More Metric System Practice

    1. To-do

    2. Quiz

    3. Textbook checkout

    4. Notebook check

    5. Mythbusters project work time (group check in with Mr. Brow)

            a. Mythbusters project examples:

    powerpoints: 1. The effect of drop height on force 2. The effect of tapping a coke can on how much it explode 3. The Effect of a Hollings Type III Reaction on a Trained and Domesticated Canine

    video: 1. The effect of pressure on eggs 


    1. More metrics practice (Due Tues.)

    NOTE: Study for Quiz on Goals A and B (Thursday!)

    1. Finish More metrics practice (Due Thurs.)

     2. Study for Quiz on Goals A and B! (THURSDAY!)

    1. Work on Mythbusters project. Be ready to collect data by next week.  











    Learning Objective

     LABOR DAY NO SCHOOL To reinforce our understanding of how to identify variables, controls, and constants in an experiment.   



    1.To-do (15 min)

    2. Review Exp. Design Outlines (20 min.)

    3. Paper Helicopter Data Collection (50 min.)

      1. Design a data table
      2. Pick tools
      3. Make prototypes
      4. Test! (DID NOT GET TO)




     1. Complete Mythbusters project through "Background Research" and wait for myth approval(DUE This THURSDAY at 8:00am)


    NOTE: Quiz on Goals A and B (next Thursday (9/14/17))














    Learning Objective

    To introduce students to “growth mindset”: one’s capacity to learn is NOT finite, but can be expanded with continual PRACTICE!

     To develop understanding of the  framework for answering questions to scientific problems: the scientific method.  To practice idenitifying variables, constants, and controls in experimental scenarios.


    1. Pattern Recognition Exercise

    2. Growth Mindset Close Reading

     1. To-do (5 min.)

    2. What we already know about the Scientific Method (10 min.)

    3. Mythbusters episode (abridged) (35 min.)

    4. Scientific Method Notes (about 25 min.)

    5. Intro to Mythbusters project (15 min.)

     1. To-do (10 min.) Table of Contents

    2. Finish notes (about 20 min.

    3. Experimental Design Outlines (20 min.)

    4. Start Mythbusters project (about 40 min.)

      1. pick groups
      2. share research template
      3. get myth approved
      4. get NBs stamped


    1. Number notebook pages from 1-100

    2. Finish nametag and cover page

     1. Come up with 3 myths you would like to “bust”

    Record on PAGE 14 of Notebook. Must have at least 3 sentences for explanation.

     1. Finish Experimental Design Outlines















    To develop our teamwork skills!


     To get an overview of the course, review the syllabus, and demonstrate (literally) how the Four C’s are used in our class.


    1. To-do

    2. Marshmallow Challenge


    1. To-do
    2. Review of Syllabus
    3. Four C’s Theater
    4. Nametags


    Get COLLEGE RULED composition notebook for tomorrow

    Sign syllabus (you AND guardian)

    Finish Favorites sheet 

    Cover Page