• Carpooling

    To improve our environment and reduce our parking challenges, we are encouraging and rewarding students who make a commitment to carpooling.

    Redwood High School defines carpooling as three or more RHS students (including driver) in a car.  Students who commit to carpooling will have the opportunity to park in reserved “carpool” stalls.  These stalls are located in both front and back parking lots and will be closely monitored by campus assistants and school administration.  Therefore, students who carpool will be rewarded with a guaranteed parking spot.

    If/when a student with a carpool permit is not carpooling on a particular day, they are not allowed to park in reserved “carpool” stalls.  The student should park in a regular student parking stall.

    All students drivers should be reminded that parking on campus is a privilege and not a right.  Students with a carpool permit must have three or more RHS students in their car to park in a carpool stall.  Carpool permits are not transferable and any students not following the guidelines of carpooling may be subject to school consequences as defined under “Parking Regulations and Guidelines”.

    To support students and families who are interested in carpooling, a great resource is SchoolPoolMarin.org.  SchoolPool Marin is an online trip matching program for parents who want to share in the duties of getting students to and from school through walking, biking, riding the bus, or carpooling.  Two or more families agree to share responsibilities by trading days as pool leaders. Many parents have taken up SchoolPooling as a way to save time, save money and provide a safer way for their children to get to school.


    SchoolPool Neighborhood Map-Redwood High School