• To find out who your child's counselor is, please check your Home Access account. If you have any questions, you can call Jane Shapiro at 415-380-3537.

    Students stay with their counselor throughout their four years at Tam and are encouraged to get to know their counselor and utilize the many services that Tam has to offer in the Counseling Department. Counselors work with students regarding academic, personal and social issues based on self-referral, teacher referral, and parent referral.

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    Counseling Staff

    Our 2019-20 Counseling Team!

    Scott Birkestrand, Cheryl Lua, Sandra Pula, Jane Shapiro, Alexandra Hunt and April Ginsberg

     Scott Birkestrand Scott Birkestrand, Counselor

           "The world's problems begin with the belief that some human lives are more valuable than others."

           -Nelson Mandela

           To contact: 415-380-3554 or email at sbirkestrand@tamdistrict.org  

    April Ginsberg April Ginsberg, Counselor

           To contact: 415-380-3508 or email at aginsberg@tamdistrict.org


     Alex Hunt Alexandra Hunt, Counselor

          I am constantly amazed and inspired by our students.  So much growing up happens in these four years and to help our kids tackle obstacles, figure out who they are, and realize their potential has been my greatest pleasure.

         “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” – Frida Kahlo

         To contact: 415-380-3519 or email at ahunt@tamdistrict.org 

    Cheryl Lua Cheryl Lua, Counselor

    To contact: 415-380-3562 or email at clua@tamdistrict.org


    Sandra Pula  Sandra Pula, Counselor

        "You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served."  -     Nina Simone

          To contact: 415-380-3540 or email at: spula@tamdistrict.org  

    Support Staff

    Jane Shapiro Jane Shapiro, Counseling Secretary 

    To contact: 415-380-3537 or email at: jshapiro@tamdistrict.org


    Melanie Voorsanger Melanie Voorsanger: College & Career Center Specialist

    Melanie Voorsanger has always been passionate about education and personal growth. She has worked with young people through teaching dance, directing theater, working for youth empowerment programs and with other local non-profits. It is a daunting task for students to figure out their first steps after high school, and Melanie is committed to making that process less anxiety-inducing and more exciting and accessible for the students at Tam.

    To contact: 415-380-3582 or email at: mvoorsanger@tamdistrict.org

     Greg Davison, School to Career Liaison

    To contact: 415-380-3484 or email at: gdavison@tamdistrict.org

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