• August 2020

    H.S. 1327 Community-

    Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! We are so excited to welcome the class of 2024 to our amazing school. Yes- amazing!  We are taking the opportunity to revisit our values and name at the same time our world is asking us to question how instruction is delivered and students learn. The pandemic and racial uprising in our nation insists we do business differently….and we will. We need to keep working on distant learning and making our students feel included, welcome and heard in our community. Our theme this year is Embracing Change and Inclusion- TOGETHER.  Change is not easy and inclusion asks us to question many of the policies, processes and perspectives we hold.  Only an amazing school would be willing to take on these endeavors all at once. We are amazing, we MUST address all that is being asked of us to be better. Thank you for knowing that we will do our best everyday for your children. We are H.S. 1327 (for now) and we have endless possibilities. We are amazing. 

    Regarding our name change, please follow our website with all information regarding this process.

    TUHSD Opening of School Plan can be found on our website.

    This is your Back-to-School informational email. Please visit our website often to get the most up to date information available. All “Back-to-School” information can be found at:  http://www.tamdistrict.org/hs1327  click on Parents and then Back to School Information.  






    August 19

    August 20

    August 21

    School will start at 8:30 a.m. in their CREW/Advisory classes. School will be completed these days at 12:00.

    The online class invitations will be emailed daily for all CREWS and class meetings by the teachers.



    A few notes about the start of school:


    • KICK-OFF Days!! Due to school being opened virtually, we are asking our community to come to school this week to take care of “back to school” business. Please see our website for information. These days are required to get textbooks, school identification pictures, Chromebooks and other items for school awesomeness.


    • DAY ONE, TWO, THREE:  Our first days of school are an important welcome to the school community. All students will participate in culture building activities where we have students explore important current topics, such as our name change and work with each of their seven teachers in introduction activities. Our new ninth graders will participate in some orientation activities and all students will work on building relationships with teachers and peers. The bell schedule for Week One is on our website.


    • Students Logging on The First Day of School: All teachers will be emailing their classes by the end of the day on August 18 with instructions on how to access the class. This email will come to the students Tam District email account (not their personal email).


    • If your student is an incoming 9th grader or a new transfer student, you will receive an email tomorrow from our district’s data specialist explaining how a student accesses their online account for the school. New students MUST do this prior to the first day in order to have access to their classes. By doing this, students/parents will be able to view HomeAccess, which will eventually display their class schedule, transcripts, attendance, etc. But, most importantly, it will then create a district email which is how the teachers will be initially communicating with all of their students. 


    • ChromeBooks & Online Platforms All students will be issued ChromeBook on our KICK-OFF days. Students may use their own personal device at home - the ChromeBooks are to be used if needed at home and in anticipation of coming back to school in persion. We are happy to announce that our teachers will only be using two online management systems. You can expect that most of our teachers will be using Canvas and some will be using Google Classroom. 


    • HS 1327 Daily Bell Schedule: Please see the website to view our daily bell schedule. We will start this schedule on August 24th. 


    • Counseling Sessions for new/frosh parents: Our counseling team is inviting all our new frosh or new parents to watch their video about high school success and then they are offering Q and A sessions. The video will be sent out today, August 10th and the two Q and A sessions are as followed:

    Tuesday, 8/25 at 1:30 pm         

    Thursday, 8/27 at 5:30 pm 


    • H.S. 1327 Frosh and “New to Drake” Parent Information Online Meeting: Parents who are new to Drake are invited to join us on Monday August 17th at 6:30pm online for an informational evening. We are focusing on the people and topics that you need to know to be a part of our school community. An invitation for this event will be on our website soon!


    • The ASB Activity Card: Being an active HS 1327 member is important for a student’s success.  Purchasing an ASB activity Card provides students with an activities pass to attend our athletic events and other events at a reduced rate.  Yearbooks can be purchased separately later in the year and are not included in the cost of the ASB activity card.  While we are not in school at this time, we still want to encourage people to support our leadership program. This package supports our Associated Student Body (ASB) program and your purchase is MUCH appreciated by our ASB Leadership students! For sale in our student store.   


    • Attendance Procedures: For our virtual learning this fall, we expect students to be in attendance at all class meetings. Students will be asked to attend each class, with their camera on, daily. Attendance will be taken by the teacher. If your student is unable to attend their online class, this absence should be reported to our attendance office, just as it would be if school was in person. You may report absences to our attendance clerk Mark Machado by emailing him at mmachado@tamdistrict.org or calling 415-458-3418. Please click here to view all of our attendance protocols and types of absences that will be excused. 


    • Student Planners: All 9th graders will receive their planner on our KICK-OFF days August 12-14. 10th-12th graders will have them available if interested.


    • HS 1327 Spirit Masks: For community safety, we all need to be wearing a mask when in public. We ask that people ALWAYS wear a mask when coming onto campus. We also hope that students will be able to return to campus at some point. To help with all of this, we are giving each staff and student a GREEN and GREY HS 1327 buff- mask! These will be provided on the KICK-OFF days!! 


    • Get involved with the “drake” Fund. Check out our website to learn more about what we do and how to get involved.


    • BACK TO SCHOOL VIRTUAL NIGHT: We will be holding a virtual Back to School night on September 3rd at 6:30 p.m.  More information soon! 


    • SCHOOL COMMUNICATION: During our virtual learning time, we will have a weekly newsletter with all the information needed to stay connected to HS 1327. We will be using the new communication tool, Parent Square. This will be emailed to you inbox and also has an app to stay connected. There will be more information in the first H.S. 1327 Slate Newsletter the week of August 17th. Stay connected!


    Student Accident Insurance: 


    Online registration here



    En linea registro aqui 



    Student medication: 

    Authorization to Administer Medicine -- must be on file (with all signatures) for any student to receive acetaminophen or any medication at school 



    Marin Transit Youth Pass Information - English 

    Marin Transit Youth Pass Information - Spanish 

    Marin Transit Youth Pass Eligibility - English & Spanish



    Athletics and Sports Registration Information 


    Student Nutrition Forms/ The “Drake” Canteen:

    Please see our district Student Nutrition Information  page to find out how to apply for free/reduced lunch and/or set up a pre-paid account for your student.   Disponible en inglés y español.


    On-line Pre-Payment system for meals at the “Drake” Cafeteria - You can prepay for meals for your student.  They use their student ID number to purchase.


    General School Resources:

    Academic Calendar 2020-2021  - annual academic calendar with all holidays, minimum days, etc 


    Bell Schedule  2020


    Wellness  - Familiarize yourself with our Wellness program 


    HS 1327 News - Student News Magazine  - information on supporting our student magazine


    DLC Information  - Drake Leadership Council: information on becoming a part of Drake's site council (students and parents)


    Drake Fund - Information  - What is the Drake Fund? and how you can get involved


    School Picture Order Form


    Tamalpais Union High School District - Uniform Complaint Procedures


    District Internet Letter to Families - how the internet is used and filtered in our district