Student Parking Enforcement Announcement

  • Dear Students and Parents,

    As soon as we implement student parking permits, our administrative team and campus assistants will be in the parking lots before school and during lunch to help implement our new student parking policies.

    As is written in our 2019-20 Student Parking Policies, students with a valid parking permit MUST park in their assigned parking space.  Students are not allowed to park in staff, visitor, and district office parking spaces.  

    To help students find their assigned parking space, please visit the maps on our 2019-20 Student Parking Policies webpage.

    It is our expectation that student and parents have read and understood the student parking policies around safe driving and student parking.  This announcement will serve as the first notice of our student driving and parking policies with potential consequences for violation of the policies.

    As a reminder, it is important that student and parents keep the following in mind:

    • Student drivers who park on campus are not allowed to leave campus during the lunch period with their car.  They are allowed to walk off-campus during lunch.
    • Any student needing to leave campus in their car at any point during the school day, must do so after receiving a valid permit to leave school from the Attendance office.
    • Groups of students who have made a commitment to carpooling MUST have three or more passengers in the car to park in their assigned space.
    • Ride-sharing services such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar are not allowed to come on campus to pick up students during lunch.
    • Food delivery services such as Ubereats, Doordash, and Grubhub are not allowed to deliver food to students on our campus during the school day due to Federal Nutritional Guidelines for our students.

    While we expect all students to follow our students driving and parking policies, students who are in violation of student driving and parking policies may receive the following consequences.  This communication serves as your only warning.

    • Loss of parking privileges for up to the remainder of the school year
    • Loss of Senior in Good Standing status
    • School service hours
    • Parking ticket issued by CMPA
    • Apology to anyone affected

    For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our student parking policies and procedures, please visit Student Parking FAQs.

    We appreciate your support of our new student parking policies, as we aim to create a safe campus and community for our student drivers.

    Go, Giants!