Counselor Appointments

  • Counselors are excited to be able to meet with you in-person again! Please make an appointment with your Counselor via email, the QR codes found in the counseling office, or using the individual appointment request forms below.  Parent appointments will be offered as either in-person or virtual.   

    • If you have questions that do not require a meeting, feel free to email, text, or call your Counselor and s/he will get back to you as soon as possible.  
    • If you are not sure who your Counselor is, you can check your studentVUE or contact Jane Shapiro at or 415.380.3537

    **Please note that Ms. Couto does not work on Wednesdays and Ms. Pula does not work on Fridays.

    **We will continue making adjustments to schedules through this week, 8/22.  Requests are not guaranteed and are dependent on space availability, fit in your schedule, and teacher contract limitations.  Use this Course Change Request Form to request changes to your 22-23 schedule.


Counseling & Wellness Team