• Hello Fall and hello senior year!  Whether you are planning to apply to 4-year or 2-year college, work, take a gap year, join the military, or do something else after graduation, we are here to support you!

    *If you are applying to 4-year college - bookmark Ms. Emi Abe's College & Career or follow her instagram to keep up to date on C&CC events like college rep visits, application workshops, financial aid nights, essay workshops, and more.  

    *Be sure to let your Counselor know what your plans are as early as possible, especially if you need a Counselor recommendation, those deadlines creep up fast! 

    *This year, we are excited to have Ruth Jimenez from the College of Marin on campus every Wednesday in the College & Career Center. She is available for appointments to help you with applications, questions about community college and transfer pathways, COM programs, and more. 


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