Tam Juniors

  • Junior year.  School gets a bit more serious this year.  Academic expectations are higher.  Planning for the future feels a bit more real.  Commitments have increased as students take on more responsibility in extra-curricular activities and your personal lives.  Maybe you're playing more Varsity sports or taking over leadership roles in clubs and plays and concerts.  Maybe you're working a job or responsible for driving siblings here and there.  There will definitely be times when you feel stressed but that doesn't have to mean overwhelmed.

    You're ready for it!  And we're here to help!  Whether you are sailing or struggling through Junior year, we are here to support you and your individual goals.  Keep working hard, keep asking questions, keep exploring your interests and you'll find your way.  

Junior Night 2022

Future Planning Info

Coming up for Juniors in Spring 2023

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