Tam Freshmen

  • Welcome to Tam!  The next four years will be a period of huge growth and development for you as students, as individuals, and as humans.  You'll learn how to build relationships with your teachers, seek out opportunities for support and enrichment, and use your resources to reach your goals.  There will be times when you are stressed or even overwhelmed, times of disappointment and failure, and times of success and triumph.  Remember that this isn't a competition and that all of these human moments that will shape the adult you will become.  We look forward to getting to know you and helping you on your journey!

General Info

Freshman Goals

  • Get to know your resources at Tam High School: your Counselor, the Wellness Center, and the College & Career Center.

    Get involved with your new school community: participate in Link Crew events; join a club or sport; attend a play, concert, or game; find out how to support the student government; bring Tam into the community through volunteering.

    Develop, practice, and hone strong work habits.  That means figuring out what organizational tools and routines work best for you, checking your Google Classroom/Canvas Classroom regularly, asking questions, developing relationships with your teachers, using your time effectively, and *trying* not to procrastinate.

    High school counts!...but for what?  Check in with your Counselor to talk about your academic goals for graduation and beyond.

    Freshman year is all about getting your high school career off to a good start and exploring your interests.  And remember that interests can change!  The next four years are an opportunity to learn new things, make new friends, and experience new ideas and perspectives.