Academic Support & Enrichment

  • Tam High School Counseling wants to support the diverse needs and interests of all students.  An important learning goal during your 4 years at Tam is how to use your resources.  Below are listed some ways to seek out Academic Support and Academic Enrichment.  Contact your Counselor if you have questions!

Academic Support

  • Your Teachers!  Your first best resource is your teacher as they know the course content and expectations and they get to know your strengths and areas of need as a student.  Another important learning goal is to practice communicating and building relationships with your teachers.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to them when you have questions or concerns.  Also, consider asking for a Tutorial pass in order to get some 1:1 and/or small group support.  

    Academic Workshop Skills (AW-Skills):  AW-Skills is an elective class at Tam in which students can receive organizational, content, and homework support from a Tam teacher.  AW classes are enrolled with less than 20 students so that teachers are able to provide 1:1 and small group support to students, as needed.  Students sign up during the normal course registration window in January/February of each year.  If space is available, students can also request to add the class at the start of the 2nd semester.  Talk to your Counselor if you have questions.

    Bridge the Gap College Prep (BTGCP): The mission of Bridge the Gap College Prep is to provide comprehensive educational, social, and emotional support with the goal that every Marin City youth completes high school and graduates from college.  Talk to your Counselor if you want more information.

    Tutoring: Drop-in Peer Tutoring will be available for math support after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 907 in the math building!

    Grade Remediation: In order to graduate from Tam HS, students must earn a D or higher in all classes that are required for graduation.  In order to be eligible for 4-year college, students must earn a C or higher is all classes required for admission.  If you need to remediate a grade, you may need to repeat a class at Tam, take a class online, do summer school, or participate in some other form of remediation.  Talk to your Counselor to develop your plan.

Academic Enrichment

  • AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination is a national program that provides scaffolded support for educators and students to develop college and career readiness and success.  AVID is an elective class available for each grade level and requires an application and brief interview.  For more information about AVID at Tam, check out their WEBPAGE or contact Scott Birkestrand at

    COMPASS: College of Marin Providing Access and Supporting Success is a partnership program between College of Marin and Tam HS focused on closing the education equity gap in Marin County for students who will be First Generation college students, come from low-income families, or are members of traditionally underserved populations.  COMPASS students meet during Tutorial periods and can earn college credits during their 4 years at Tam.  For more information, contact your Counselor or Alex Hunt at  

    Internships: Greg Davison is the TUHSD School-to-Career Liaison.  If you are interested in exploring internship or job shadow opportunities, contact him at or 415.458.3484.

    College of Marin: The College of Marin offers concurrent enrollment for Tam students in good standing who are interested in exploring college courses and earning credit.  Courses must be pre-approved by Tam HS; during the Covid19 pandemic, the approval process has been moved online.  For more information, talk to your Counselor and check out the COM COLLEGE CREDIT PROGRAM webpage.    

    Online classes:  Some students are interested in taking classes from independent online providers to make more room in their Tam schedules for more of our excellent electives, such as Theatre Directing, Auto, Intro to Engineering, extra science, etc.  Students are allowed to import up to 20 credits onto their Tam HS transcript and are responsible for confirming that the online provider is an accredited institution.  Online classes must be pre-approved by your Counselor and the Principal, using the ATERNATIVE CREDITS REQUEST form.  Tam HS does not endorse or recommend any particular programs but some that have been used by Tam families are included HERE.