THE OFFICE OF EDUCATIONAL SERVICES is responsible for all aspects of curriculum and instruction, including student learning outcomes, assessments, graduation requirements and honors and advanced placement classes. Support is given to teachers as well, in the form of program development, alignment of courses with standards and texts.

    Release of Student Information
    Don’t want student information to be released to military recruiters?
    — GET the Non-Consent Form E-5125.1 (pdf)
    — SEE also the District’s Board Policy & Administrative Regulations regarding release of student information


    Tel (415) 945-1052

    Senior Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Paula Berry
    -Phone (415) 945- 1050

    Administrative Secretary

    Desiree Weiss
    - Email: dweiss@tamdistrict.org
    - Phone: (415) 945-1052


    Data Analyst
    Alina Hartel

    - Email: ahartel@tamdistrict.org
    - Phone: (415) 945-3704

    Senior Director of Student Services
    Kelly Lara
    - Email: klara@tamdistrict.org


    Senior Director of Special Education
    Amira Mostafa, Ed.D.
    - Email: amostafa@tamdistrict.org 

    Administrative Secretary
    Kaley Clooney
    - Email: kcloney@tamdistrict.org
    - Phone (415) 945-1011



    MORE about Special Education Services