• AWHS Game Club
    walking hot dog exclamation? Meets every Tuesday & Thursday at lunch in the Smith Studio Theater (room 705)waking card guy
     Game Club Advisor Jasper Thelin
    Game Club supports tabletop games of interaction, strategy, and fun.
    Some of the current games available for joyous play:
              1. Magic: The Gathering
              2. Pokemon
              3. Yugioh
              4. Diplomacy
              5. Settlers of Catan
              6. Chess
              7. Operation
              8. Munchkin
              9. Jungle Speed
              10. Killer Bunnies
              11. Monopoly
              12. Forbidden Island
              13. Apples To Apples
              14. Scrabble
              15. Pictionary
              16. Citadels
              17. Khet: the Lazer Game
              18. Aye, Dark Overlord
              19. Risk
              20. Superfight!
    All Archie students are welcome to drop in and play games,
    earning points toward  becoming the next year's Czar.
    Game Club Points are earned using the following forumula, created by legendary Game Club Czar Lee Weinstein:
    5 x Time x Placement, where 5 is a constant, Time is the number of lunches or 30 minute units, Placement is players+1, -place you got (average if there's a tie).

    '21-'22 Club Officers:

    Czar (i.e. President; last year's pt winner) = Isabella Brisco-Schofield

    Minister (i.e. Secretary; last year's runner up) = Tao Judnick

    Count (i.e. Treasurer; elected this year by quorum of 8+ members) = _________

    High Priest (appointed by, and serves at the will of, the Czar) = Karim al-Jamal



     '11-'12 Game Club Czar Johnathan Scopazzi
     Johnathan Scopazzi, 3-time Club Czar
    Winners of the Christian Fahey Memorial Game Club Champion Award
    Honoring Christian Fahey, a great game player and kind soul 
    2001-2002 Alex Frantzis
    2002-2003 Christian Fahey
    2003-2004 Lee Weinstein
    2004-2005 Lee Weinstein
    2005-2006 Lee Weinstein
    2006-2007 Sacha Idell
    2007-2008 Max Worrin
    2008-2009 Max Worrin
    2009-2010 Max Worrin
    2010-2011 Johnathan Scopazzi
    2011-2012 Johnathan Scopazzi
    2012-2013 Johnathan Scopazzi 
    2013-2014 A.W. Antonoff-Wertheimer
    2014-2015 Amin Al-Jamal
    2015-2016 Cyrus Thelin
    2016-2017 Ari Wilds
    2017-2018 Ari Wilds
    2018-2019 Ariana Brisco-Schofield
    2019-2020 Maddie Knightly
    2020-2021 Maddie Knightly
    2021-2022 Isabella Brisco-Schofield



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