• Previous Scholarships

    The following is a list of previous scholarships which are now awarded under a different name:

    The Elsie Convis Scholarship (now the Merrill "Mike" & Elsie Convis Scholarship)

    Elsie was the mother of Mike Convis, founder of the Drake Scholarship Foundation. She was honored by her children for her keen interest in young people. Mike Convis, Drake teacher and counselor, is memorialized for his vision, perseverance and generosity. This foundation thrives because of his tireless efforts.

    2010 Erika Neilsen
    2009 Jessie Hall
    2008 Tatiana Huezo
    2007 Blythe Greene
    2006 Christina Giesen
    2005 Erinn Unger
    2004 Tanya Kaufman
    2003 Nicole Yetter
    2002 Kaitlin Cruz
    2001 Renee Johnson
    2000 Cassidy Brady
    1999 Toni Gapinski
    1998 Lily Ciancutti
    1997 Shannon Jacobson
    1996 Emily Cook
    1995 Melissa Anstey
    1994 Amy Carrieri

    The Lindenbaum Scholarship (now the Drake Alumni and Community Scholarship)

    Mary and Jacob Lindenbaum's three children graduated from Drake High School. Mary J. Lindenbaum was PTA President and active with AFS Experiment in International Living.

    2009 Chelsea Addleman
    2008 Quinn Sherman
    2007 Mami Tomoda
    2006 Mami Tomoda
    2005 Elaine Correira
    2004 Vivian Tan
    2003 Lisa Nowlain
    2002 Josie Garthwaite
    2001 Alicia Howard
    2000 Niki Clarke
    1999 Jessica Richman
    1998 Wendy Lewis
    1997 Megan Latimer-Taylor
    1996 Jessica Lee
    1995 Kristy Askling
    1994 Amber McCall

    The Miles McColm Scholarship (now the Drake Faculty Scholarship)

    Miles McColm, was a Spanish teacher and counselor at Drake from 1952 to 1965. Considering him to be a great educator and human being, Mr. McColm's friends contributed generously to this scholarship award.

    2009 Sarah Kuehn
    2008 Ricky Vargas-Delman
    2007 Hana Kadoyama
    2006 Jasmine Tuadi
    2005 Annie Vikart
    2004 Drew Smith
    2003 Nicolette Young
    2002 Lyndsay Hughes
    2001 Tory Clark
    2000 Stephanie Feldman
    1999 Aleta Harris
    1998 Georgia Garthwaite
    1997 Meagan Keane
    1996 Jyoti McCall
    1995 Bernabe Villaus
    1994 Beowulf Rochlen

    The Fairfax Police Officers Association Scholarship (now the Drake Alumni and Community Scholarship)

    The Fairfax Police Officers Association Scholarship encourages good citizenship and academic performance.

    2011Taylor Crouch
    2010 Alicia De Naire
    2009 Alanna Cottrell
    2008 Isabella Miller
    2007 Emily Mannheimer
    2006 Matt Wechsler
    2005 Austin Simpson
    2004 Christopher Franks

    The Drake Alumni Scholarship (now the Alumni and Community Scholarship)

    The Drake Alumni Scholarship honors Marilyn Myers, Bill Onorato, Randy Franklin, Rashaad Jackson and Vince Milani. Marilyn, a 1959 graduate was an outstanding student, a Pomona graduate and a journalist in Paris. Bill, a 1976 graduate attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Randy, who completed his sophomore year in 1979 will be remembered as a musician and athlete. Rashaan, a 1989 graduate was a member of the football team. Vince, a 1988 graduate, was an active and excellent student who became an attorney.

    winners listed under new scholarship name.

    The Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship (no longer awarded)