• Merrill “Mike”and Elsie Convis

    Merrill “Mike”and Elsie Convis, Elsie is the mother of Mike Convis, founder of the Drake Scholarship Foundation. She was honored by her children for her keen interest in young people. Mike Convis, Drake teacher and counselor, is honored for his vision, perseverance and generosity. This Foundation thrives because of his tireless efforts.

                                                 Previous Winners

    Year Name
     2019 Emma Honkola
     2018 Jessica Yepez Rangel
     2017 Levi Ummel
     2016 Cheyenne Clarke
     2015 Julia Betchart
      2014  Maya Hausammann 
     2013 Heidi Inciardi
    2012 Jeffrey Gerwin
    2011 Lexy Deetken
    2010 Erika Neilsen
    2009 Jessie Hall
    2008 Tatiana Huezo
    2007 Blythe Greene
    2006 Christina Giesen
    2005 Erinn Unger
    2004 Tanya Kaufman
    2003 Nicole Yetter
    2002 Kaitlin Cruz
    2001 Renee Johnson
    2000 Cassidy Brady
    1999 Toni Gapinski
    1998 Lily Ciancutti
    1997 Shannon Jacobson
    1996 Emily Cook
    1995 Melissa Anstey
    1994 Amy Carrieri