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    Drake alums Bill Onorato, Randy Franklin, Rashaan Jackson, and Vincent C. Milani, as well as school and community members of the Lindenbaum Family and the Fairfax Police Officers Association are remembered by this award. Bill Onorato, a 1976 graduate, attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Randy Franklin, who completed his sophomore year in 1979, will be remembered as a musician and athlete. Rashaan Jackson, a 1989 graduate, was a member of the football team. Vincent Milani, a 1988 graduate, was an active and intelligent student who became an attorney. Mary and Jacob Lindenbaum's three children graduated from Drake, where Mary was PTA president and active in the American Field Service Experiment in International Living. The Fairfax Police Officers Association encourages good citizenship and academic performance.

    Previous Winners

    Year Name
      2019 Sterling Rodas
      2018 Gini Fanta
      2017 Oona Kummert
      2016 Elena Sviatoslavsky
     2015 Kendall Christie
     2014 Maddison Brusman 
     2013 Carlee Murray
     2012 Olivia Ashmoore
    2011 Anna Garfink
    2010 Camilla Oates
    2009 Gabrielle Legnitto
    2008 Nathaniel Draper
    2007 Garrett Goto
    2006 Alysha Catalano
    2005 Tom Lopez
    2004 Sophia Gottlie
    2003 Alex Sousa
    2002 Alicia Lakomski
    2001 Gemma Edward-Aron
    2000 Samandhi Alfieri
    1999 Colleen Murphy
    1998 Travis Kriel
    1997 Thea Kennedy
    1996 Sabrina Shippey
    1995 Shirah Wexler