• Drake High World Languages - Draft

    Cultural Awareness Four-Year Sequence


    Areas of Focus



    Assessment Ideas

    Target language structures


    First Year Spanish

    ·         Regional / Geographical Awareness: Where in the world is Spanish spoken?

    ·         Demographics: Who speaks Spanish?
    Family life: How does it compare to your family? How do we acknowledge what is common without stereotyping?

    ·         Regional Focus: México:
    Celebrate 5 de Mayo (?), (and possibly Guatemala, Chile, Caribbean…)

    ·         Other: Art, food, music, sports, relig.

    ·         Country / map project: Students identify the Spanish speaking countries (capitals).

    ·         Recognize the ethnic diversity of the Spanish speaking world

    ·         Profile a family in a particular country. “A day in the life of…”


    ·         Present tense

    ·         Noun/adjective agreement (“México es un país bonito, hay playas bonitas.

    ·         Descriptive vocabulary

    ·         Pronouns


    ·         Pobre Ana

    ·         Patricia va a California

    ·         Casi se muere

    ·         Piratas del Caribe

    ·         Internet

    ·         Other?

    ·         Videos:

    Second Year Spanish

    ·         Historical (and/or contemporary?) Figures of the Spanish spaeking world- “who’s who”

    ·         Day of the Dead

    ·         Customs/Holidays

    ·         Other: Music, art, food, sports, relig.

    ·         Regional Focus: Central America / Caribbean (and/or Argentina?)

    ·         Day of the Dead (Fall)

    ·         March Madness “Locura de Marzo” (Spring)

    ·         Past tense (Preterit / Imperfect)

    ·         Same as 1st yr.


    ·         Pobre Ana Bailó Tango

    ·         El Viaje de su vida

    ·         El viaje perdido

    ·         ¿Dónde está Eduardo?

    ·         Mi propio auto

    ·         Videos:

    Third Year Spanish

    ·         History

    ·         Controversial Issues

    ·         Customs/Holidays

    ·         Other: Music, art, food, sports, etc.

    ·         Historical Travel log / blog / vlog / website

    ·         Debates: Bull fighting

    ·         Opinion Polls / Issues

    ·         Past Tense

    ·         Subjunctive

    ·         Si clasues- “If I were, I would…”


    ·         Ojos de Carmen

    ·         Viva el toro

    Fourth Year Spanish

    ·         Recap of years 1-3

    ·         Developing a personal voice and perspective

    ·         Art, music, politics, religion, etc.

    ·         Debates

    ·         Café conversations


    ·         All of the above


    ·         La Vida y muerte en cuzco

    ·         Videos:

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