• 2/10               The Physics Teacher“Obtaining and Investigating Unconventional Sources of Radioactivity"


    9/08               Physics Education, “Exploring ‘Extreme’ Physics with an Inexpensive Toy Popper”


    3/08               The Physics Teacher, “Teaching Nuclear Radiation and the Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko"


    1/05               Physics Education“Flawed Slide Whistles are Put to Good Use in Frequency Studies”


    9/04               The Physics Teacher, “The X-Ray Shoefitter – An Early Application of Roentgen’s ‘New Kind of Ray’”


    7/03               Physics Education, “Building a Copper Pipe ‘Xylophone’”



    11/98             The Physics Teacher, “Images of the Seattle Space Needle in Rain Drops”


    5/97               The Physics Teacher, “Harmonics in an Aluminum Bar”


    4/96               The Physics Teacher, “Field Lines of Flying Fur”


    2/96               The Physics Teacher, “Multiplying Physics Enrollment – Strategies that Work”


    2/94               The Physics Teacher, “Moment of Inertia with PVC Pipe and Iron‘Re-Bar’"


    1/93               The Physics Teacher, “Determining Plane Mirror Image Distance with Eye Charts”


    11/92             ThePhysics Teacher, “Bigger Gap ... Bigger Spark”


    11/91             ThePhysics Teacher, "Cow's Eye Dissection in the Physics Lab"


    5/90               The Physics Teacher, "Wave Interference Pattern from the Wings of a Bee"

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