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San Andreas Community Message August 21, 2020

San An Students and Families,

The school-year is off to a strong start!!!  Thank you all for your support to make sure you are showing up and engaging with the program.  We are really proud of all the students for rising above the challenges in our world right now and being great role models for each other.

The format of our program will change going into the week of August 24th.  Students and families should review the schedule they received from our counselor Katie to see when they have class as each student’s schedule may be a little different.   There is a copy of our full schedule on the website in the “announcements” section.  Please reach out to us (Katie, me, your advisor) if you have any questions about your schedule.

Please make sure to join all of your classes next week.   


Keep up the great work and be well,


David Luongo

Principal San Andreas High School

(415)945-3786 (office)

(628)239-0302 (cell)