Agnes Scott College - 10/10/14, 9/21/15

Agnes Scott College


100% go on global travel experience - fully funded by college

Dual engineering program with Georgia Tech

Dual engineering Nursing, and CS with Emory

all students create a digital portfolio

19 other colleges nearby - can take classes at them

#2 Most Innovative College per US News & World Report

Scholarships are stackable



goal is to get to 1200 undergrads, recent class was 276 freshmen

Summit Program - for every student 

Global Learning - course 101 required for laying the groundwork for being outside the US,

course 102 students have chosen travel experience and location, 1 domestic trip is always an option (10-12 days during spring break)

Leadership 101 - reflection on what does leadership mean to you? Myers-Briggs assessment,

Leadership 102 - focus on skills that employers want such as digital litearcy, public speaking, classic liberal arts training, 

Most popular majors: Public Health, Psychology, new program in business with MBA at Georgia Tech, English, Neuroscience (student-driven program)


E-portfolio - marketable piece to show to employers and grad schools


Center of Digital Literacy - using technology to create things using coding to build websites





125th birthday for the school

The biggest change to campus is the development of The Summit Program - there are 4 components to it:

1) They will still offer a liberal arts curriculum but all students will participate in the next three components of the program.

2) Leadership Development Seminar - 2 hour courses - will help students identify their skills and strengths

3) Global Learning Seminar - introducing students to people and places globally. All students will travel abroad during their first year. A "global in the local" option will also be available for students who need to stay within the US for some reason; These are 2-3 week long trips

4) Advising - all students will have a board of advisors with 4 separate advisors. They will have a Summit Advisor and stay with the student all four years. The second advisor will be an academic advisor; the third advisor will be a career advisor (someone out in the community who is their professional field, preferably an alum from Agnes Scott); 4th advisor is a peer advisor