Arizona State University - 9/16/19

Arizona State University

Andrew LaFrance, Greater Northern California Coordinator, 480-407-8207,

ASU now on Common App.  No essays or letters of recommendation needed.  November 1, 2019 is priority deadline, however ASU is on rolling admissions, so applying after 11/1 is okay up until January 15, 2020 at the latest.

There are four campuses with almost 50,000 undergraduate students across the campuses, making it the largest college in the world. About 50% of students come from outside AZ (10% of which come from CA).

They have 13 academic colleges and students apply to a specific major; if undecided, you can choose between eight different Exploratory options, each having a different focus. If you are applying under nursing, engineering, or business, you have to put a second major choice on your application.

WUE is only available on the other three campuses and not Tempe. See website.

Journalism, health care majors will choose the downtown campus

Polytechnic is a project-based campus

Tempe is the traditional campus, 62,000 students (including graduate students); 8,100 freshmen; 10,000 at downtown campus. 7,000 students are on the polytechnic campus and there are 4,000 students on the west campus. 80,000 students across all four campuses, including graduate students.

West campus - small college of liberal arts (modeled after Oxford) - 25 miles away from Tempe.

Division 1 athletics

22 concentrations in business; 13 concentrations in engineering

Merit aid available for Fall 2020, ranging from $7-$16k for all four years with maintenance of a 3.0 GPA each year.  This aid doesn't require a different application and isn't competitive.  Simply submit GPA and test scores and receive available aid up until May 1. 

Standardized test scores are only used for scholarship consideration unless you have lower than a 3.0 unweighted GPA in the 16 competency requirements.

Students must earn a minimum of a 2.00 GPA in each competency area. Admission may be granted with one deficiency in no more than two competency areas. Deficiencies in both math and laboratory science are not acceptable.

Students need a math class that has Advanced Algebra as a prerequisite. Will also consider CA students with 3 years of Math.

They have a shuttle to the different campuses so students on the other campuses can attend games; students can take courses at all campuses; If your degree is on the West Campus, you could complete all courses there.  Interdisciplinary Arts & Performances - soundboard, theater, digital (graphic design).

Honors College - no additional requirements (1300 SAT, 29 ACT, 3.8 average GPA); separate application - two letters of recommendations required and an essay. The early honors deadline is November 1 and the second deadline is January 15. Students are evaluated holistically.

Assured admission to most programs not part of the honors college. Use the degree search tool to see if higher requirements exists.

Average class size is 22. There will be 300 lecture classes; downtown and West Campus holds 150 students;

All students have to see an advisor once a semester. This ensures that students are staying on top of their coursework, etc.

Required to live on campus your first year.  Housing set up by residential colleges (i.e., liberal arts students live together, business students live together, etc.). 77% of classes have less than 100 students. After the first semester, you'll start having smaller classes.


You can apply undecided but would need to pick an exploratory area.  The options are Applied Comp., Math & Tech., Health & Life Sciences; Humanities, Fine Arts & Design; Math, Physical Sciences, Eng., & Tech.; Social & Behavioral Sciences. All of these are within the college of letters & sciences.


New (as of 2019) Sports Science & Performance Program.

School of Global Management - combination of business and international studies. A second language is required as there is international travel involved.


Law School - graduate program only


Most innovative college in the U.S. by U.S. News World Report 5 years in a row.