Beloit College - 9/17/18

Beloit College

Unique features: 1) Commitment to intercultural understanding. 1/2 of students will study abroad, 12-15% of students are international. 1/3 of classes have a global focus or a focus on people outside the US; 2) Ideas and Interdisciplinary studies - students can choose what they want to take. There is only one required course and even for that one students can pick from choices. It's a semester long course. Students take courses with certain initiatives in mind so they can build on a focus.

There are five domains which is their version of general education. Students pick courses where they will analyze text, look at life from a scientific perspective, look at behavior and human cultures, look at arts in some manner, and look at systems (politics, science, etc.).

They are test optional so students do not need to submit standardized test scores. It will make their application relate more to their academics. They don't tend to have students take multiple choice tests, more essay based. 

They used to have Women & Gender Studies but it's now called Critical Identity Studies - it's a more broad based class that covers more identity issues.

All seniors complete a final culminating experience but what that looks like depends on the department. Everyone, however, does need to do something to get out into the world for real-life experiences (internship, fieldwork, or research). It can be built through a course or it can occur during a break. Many students go beyond the one requirement. It's called Liberal Arts & Practice.

The town of Beloit has 36,000 people. There's an urban vibe and there are lots of new restaurants in the downtown area. Many staff and faculty live near campus. 3-5 minute walk to downtown Beloit. Internships, community service, jobs in Beloit. Dining hall doesn't offer a meal on Sunday for dinner so their hope is students will go in the community and eat there. The college runs the basic access cable station for the city.

1250 students currently with a goal to reach 1300. Division 3 athletics. One of their students has been drafted by the 49ers.  There's a single A baseball team in Beloit. Clubs & organizations drive the community life on campus. Student government is also involved on campus, both more so than athletics.

Merit scholarships are available and renewable for all four years. Need based aid through FAFSA. They try to keep the loan component down. The average student takes out $5500 a year in loans. All students are automatically considered for merit aid.

All staff/faculty go by their first names so it makes students feel comfortable.  There is a liberal vibe on campus. Everyone is accepted for who they are.

Common Application with no supplemental essay and no application fee.

They like to know what students are interested in for their future. Interviews. now known as "Meet Your Counselor" are recommended.

Anthropology is popular - a museum on campus so there are labs available. The hard sciences are popular. Health & Society - looks at it from a societal perspective. Dance and Creative Writing are popular. Students can be certified as teachers through their school in 4 or 4.5 years.  Geology department has many traditions and is a close-knit department.

Discussion-based classes are the norm, and 15 is the average class size. Science classes are capped at 24 students. Hands-on learning takes place here and many students co-author research papers with their professors. 

Housing is guaranteed for all four years and students are required to attend an orientation to campus a week before the first term starts. 

They have an 82% retention rate and want to make sure Beloit is a good fit.

Beloit offers generous financial aid awards and are need-blind in the admission process. 98% of students receive some form of gift aid.