Boston College - 10/17/14

Boston College

6 miles west of downtown Boston. Founded in 1863 by Jesuit priests. Been on this campus since 1913. Over 20 research centers on campus. Although the name is Boston College, they offer both undergraduate and graduate programs.

85% live on campus every year. It's not required to live on campus. Every admitted student receives a 3 or 4 year housing option. 95% of seniors choose to live on campus their last year.

4 UG colleges, 3 of them are Pre-Professional Schools (1/3 are enrolled in one of these programs); most popular major is Economics, Finance, Communications, Biology. One-third double major; 1600 classes offered each semester.

9,000 UG; 14,400 total

No Greek Life on campus but students don't suffer socially because of this. There are tons of clubs, performance groups, etc. so a very involved student body.

Economics is the most popular major for arts and sciences; Communication, political science, history, biology, International studies

Other UG colleges include the School of  Management, School of Education and School of Nursing. All students, however, still take a third of their classes in the school of arts and sciences.

PULSE program - a yearlong course integrating theology, philosophy, and concepts of social justice; available for first year students and sophomores

Student Center for Formation on campus - a place to be introspective; Half time

Summer send-offs, run by Alumni, occur in July/August throughout the country to get new admits connected. They also offer a 3-day orientation program. Also, all first year students are invited to a variety of events the first couple of weeks of school.

70% of students come from a Catholic background so some students are looking to nurture their faith but first and foremost they are a place of higher learning and not indoctrination. Students from many different backgrounds choose BC. All students must take 2 Theology and 2 Philosophy classes as part of their core curriculum but there are numerous choices for those without a religious background.

Research university and teaching college. All professors are required to teach undergrads.

Although it's not required to complete community service at BC, 80% of students get involved with service by the time they graduate.

Internships are strongly encouraged - this could include study abroad or research opportunities

Student panel- students are encouraged to talk about tough subjects like diversity in all aspects of diversity (socio-economic, racial, sexual orientation)

There's a satelite campus a mile away. Some of the residence halls are located there.

One of 19 institutions that are need blind in admissions and meet 100% of demonstrated need. No merit aid given except the President Scholar Program to 15 incoming students each year. It's a full tuition scholarship  for all four years. They must apply early action to be considered for this scholarship. Top 1% of applicant pool is encouraged to apply to this scholarship program.

Apply directly to UG college if you want one of the pre-professional schools. You can't transfer in after you get in to BC.

There are no interviews offered as part of the application process. Supplemental question on the common application give you a choice of four questions.

Early Action and Regular Deadline. November 1st is the EA date.  30% of incoming class comes from EA and can be a bit more competitive than regular decision.


Most important factor considered is an applicant's grades and the rigor of their coursework.  They want applicants to have four years of foreign language in addition to four years of English, math, science, history

A-/A grades for accepted students is typical

Superscore SAT and ACT; Subject tests not required but if you think it will add a layer to your application, feel free to submit them. Mid-50% range for SAT 1960-2150 and mid-range for ACT is 30-33.

Since they want to see what you do outside of the classroom, they will look at your extra-curricular activities, jobs, volunteerism, or will want to know if a lot of your time was taking care of younger siblings

 1 counselor rec and 2 teacher recs

They don't compare you to other students at your school but rather everyone else applying. Received 24,000 applications and admitted 34%. Last year 28% were admitted to College of Arts & Sciences and they had a 26% admit rate for Carroll School of Management.

 Beautiful campus!!!!

 Division 1 athletics