Chapman University - 9/10/14 & 9/17/15

Chapman University

Our rep is from Sonoma County so he knows Northern California high schools well.

6300 undergraduate students; 14:1 student to teacher ratio; 11:1 student to staff ratio. 23 students per class is average.

Not in a downtown area - a lot like Walnut Creek; college town

Distinguishing features: 1) 80% are involved in a student club on campus (not including greek life); 2) Emphasis on helping students become global citizens -  Required to take upper division classes outside your major. Study abroad options exists over breaks. Semester at Sea - they created it; 3) Career Development Center  to help with internships, connecting you with folks in your interested industry, etc. - engaging events for students throughout the year. For example - dinner with a CEO - a more intimate opportunity to learn about companies other than attending a large college fair.

Very welcoming campus. Easy to get to know other students..

You start your general education and major courses at the same time. This allows you to find out right away if you don't like your major. It can also gives students a leg up on obtaining internships since they'll have had some exposure to your area of interest earlier than junior year.

Dodge College of Film & Media Arts - 9 or 10 majors within this school; Film Production - you must apply EA as it's so competitive

Don't send in more than 3 letters of recommendation as if he's not convinced by letter 3 he won't be convinced by letter 8.

Interviews are optional. They can occur over skype, in person, over the phone. If you can sit and talk about yourself for 20 minutes, go for it. If the thought of an interview frightens you, maybe don't go for it.

Their flexibility in course work means you don't have to double major in order to dip into a variety of interests.

Interterm is the last four weeks of their six-week winter break. Students can take courses over that time but it's not required. You are paying for it as it's part of tuition. If you do it all four years, you can graduate early, say in three years.

What he looks for in an application:  1) academics - challenging yourself within the context of your high school; 3-4 years of every academic course taken in HS is encouraged; 2) involvement - athletics, performing arts, work, community service, etc.; 3) reasons for applying to Chapman - understanding why a school is a good fit for you will help you once you attend the school. Don't just put that it's a beautiful school, mid-sized in Southern California. Do your research.

They superscore the SAT and not the ACT but have no preference as to which test students take.

You can apply undeclared. Chris advises that students look up the course catalog for their intended major and see if the course offerings match your interest. Some think they want business but they aren't good at math and don't realize how much math is incorporated in that major. They have another major, Strategic Communication, may be a better fit for someone who wants public relations, marketing, and business.

Financial Aid: academic scholarships 3.74 weighted 27/28 ACT; 1882 SAT - students automatically considered by the admission application; departmental scholarships - if you are admitted, check with your department to see if they have a departmental scholarship; need based aid FAFSA; $7,500 to $27,000 range for scholarships. All applicants are automatically considered for scholarships. Theater, music, science, health sciences, etc. are programs who offer departmental scholarships. Reach out to your department after you've been admitted and ask if they offer departmental scholarships. 86% of students are on financial aid.

They are located in Orange, CA. It is not in LA county. It's in Orange County. 30 miles south of LA. Flat, walkable, residential, community based setting. It feels like a college town and it has a lot of character.