Clark University - 9/12/16

Clark University

1 hour west of Boston; Wooster 2nd largest New England city so it's urban; 10 or 11 other colleges in Wooster and they are part of a consortium so students can take classes at the other colleges. 30,000 college students in the area. 2200 students at Clark. Not a college town.

Best known for psychology. Sigmond Freud visited their campus and it's the only school he visited. He's the unofficial mascot for the university and there's a statute of him on campus.

Other popular programs: Geography, International Development & Social Change, English, Biology, Cultural Studies & Communication, Political Science, Sociology

Emphasis on learning outside the classroom so they can see how what they learn inside the classroom is applicable in the real world. Motto:

Use your education to try and solve problems, be a leader and work for change.

First year intensive course - small, seminar course limited to 17 students. Students get to choose from different topics. You get in an advising course with the professor from that course. 100-150 students in Psychology 101 as that's their most popular class.  

8 liberal arts courses required in 8 different areas

Understanding the world is important. A student asked about their Global Environmental Studies major. What are we doing to the world to make things better or worse. Students will learn how to become citizens that will then make positive changes out in the world.

3:2 Engineering program - students would need to know from day one that they want to go into this program or they wouldn't get out in time.

They have a partnership with Columbia where students attend Clark for 3 years and Columbia for 2 years.

All freshmen required to live on campus their first two years.  50% of students stay on campus junior year. A meal plan is required of all students their first two years.

Research opportunities: founded as a research institution (originally a graduate school); The speed of light was calculated for the first time on Clark's campus.

Several working labs on campus so students can utilize them.

40+ study abroad programs; 40% of students participate and they have programs in 20 countries.

Apply junior year for the BA/MA 5 year program. 3.4 GPA is typically required. You start taking your graduate courses senior year. There is no tuition that 5th year. 30% of their seniors participated this year. 14 programs - psychology isn't one of them; Business, Education, History, Communications, some of the sciences, etc. 

There is no rigid core curriculum. Students make their way through the cirriculum through Perspectives. 

Their student body is service oriented and they offer liberal arts education with effective practice.

Students are given lots of opportunities and lots of leadership options.

Interviews are optional and they offer three rounds of admissions: Early Action, Early Decision, and Regular Decision. All students are automatically considered for their three levels of merit scholarships. They are test-optional so only submit scores if you're within or above the mid-50% averages.  What applicants do outside the classroom is looked at carefully. 

They require the FAFSA and CSS Profile.