Boston University - 10/16/17

These notes were taken by Jann Russell, former Drake parent, who attended this session:

Drake Info Session 10/17/17 with Matthew Gallery, Assistant Director (Northern CA first read, point of contact)


BU is integrated into the city. An urban campus, but not downtown. A true campus, community. Campus runs along the Charles River. The T (train) runs through campus. Your BU ID gets you free rides. Boston is college-centric town.

16K undergrads - 4th largest private in U.S. CA is 3rd most represented state. 23% of students are international. (largest international population among private schools). Value: Diversity of thought. 

Academics: 10 schools and colleges, incl Kilachand Honors College. 250 programs. Flexibility. Generous transferability. Lots of cross over in minors, concentrations. And you can get out in 4 years.

Founded in Liberal Arts. Think. Communicate. Ranked #7 in the US in for employability. 94% of students intern. 1000 recruiters come every year. Info sessions are plenty. We host career fairs - 3 per semester. And 3K recruiters online "BU Handshake." 300K alum worldwide.

50% go abroad. And many intern there as well.

Tier 1 research institution. You can also apply for your own research. Our undergrads have access to $1M in research funding.

500 clubs, organizations. D1 athletics.

Music - Academic and clubs, organizations. Bands, orchestras ensembles on campus.

Music - College of Fine Arts - except for Music (non-performance), require auditions. 

Film - College of Communications. Highly ranked, lots of productions on campus: tv, NPR anchor, newspaper, etc. Some "study abroad in L.A." No supplements for this school. You can submit links but it would be reviewed by admission team - not faculty.

Gap year? Yes. Apply and defer. Case by case. 

Applying: holistic review. Most important: transcript. Big picture - rigor and performance. Average UW GPA: 3.8 last year. We look at trends, are you steady, moving up. Areas 5: Math, English, Lab Science, Language, Social Science. 3-4 years of each. Mid 50% SAT 1400-1510 ACT 30-32 (We super score both).

Subject Test required for accelerated Dental program. (See site for all testing requirements.)

We look at level of involvement, community: 

The Essay - we get to know you

Supplements: short blurb, Why BU? 

Applying: Must declare - School or College and must declare major or undecided.

You are reviewed by school - so Engineering - STEM classes are reviewed. For Fine Art - portfolio required. 

Recommendations - 1 counselor and 1 teacher.

Admit rate went from 60% to 25% over a 10 year period

College of General Studies is new and will go to Spring only start (London 1st semester). After 2nd year, you move to another college within BU

Trustee Scholarship -- additional essay - full tuition.

MERIT - Presidential Scholarships - auto merit consideration. DECEMBER 1 is DEADLINE!

ED I + II and RD: Jan 2

Housing: We guarantee all 4 years on campus. First year required. High rises, brownstones. It's a mix. 

Visits- traditional and/or self guided.

Demo interest? Yes. We do consider it and look at the whole picture. 

Distinctions: Business, Engineering, Communications. All top ranked. Sciences - Medicine. Biology, Neuroscience, etc.

Some stats from 2017:

Regular Decision: Avg rank in class - Top 7%; Avg SATACT 1452/32; Avg overall grade A-

Kilachand Honors College. Avg rank in class - top 3%; Avg SAT/ACT 1515/33; avg grade A

ED: Avg rank in class - top 15%; avg SAT/ACT 1354/29; avg grade A-

College of General Studies: Avg rank in class - top 14%; avg SAT/ACT 1341/29; avg grade B+; it's a spring-only start and students go to London during the summer.  Students can apply directly to that college or BU can decide. After the second year, students move to another college on campus.

Their accept rate went from 60% to 25% in a 10-year period and the number of applications continues to increase each year.