Academy of Art University - 2/8/18


Academy of Art University


18,000 students - largest art school in the nation. They've more than doubled in size over the past 10 years.  AA's, BA's, BS's, BArch, MArch, BFA and MFA degrees available. There is also a summer program for high school students where students can work on their portfolios. It's a six-week program and students can take up to 4 classes and they can earn college credit.

On-line courses offered year round as well as an online option for the summer courses. Students can take up to two classes Fall or Spring while they are still in high school (2 online or on campus on Saturdays).


Students interested in photography do not need to know coming in what type of photography they want to pursue. Students can include other art pieces other than photos in their portfolio if they don't feel they have enough photographs to submit. Tours are offered for photography students every day but Sunday.  There are other artist-geared events that aren't as formal as a tour.


NO rpre-requisites and Portfolio submission is possible but not required. They offer foundation courses so students can move forward in their studies. Portfolios are helpful for scholarship programs.


17 hoousing fascilities - guaranteed housing for first time, full-time students; full meal plan; 45 downtown buildings, half are residence halls and half are classrooms. 


Design programs are strong. Unique programs include: visual development, game development and programming, automotive restoration, landscape architecture, jewelry and metal arts, motion picture and design...connections with Pixar and many other companies.


All students are admitted for their undergraduate programs. Completion of application and $50 application fee is required for admissions. Submit final high school transcript at the end of first semester.


Although they don't require standardized test scores, students can be placed out of some of their liberal arts courses if they submit them and have high scores. The same is true of AP exams.


Liberal Arts - 1/4 of classes - these are still related to the majors. They are non-hands-on classes. Students are encouraged to obtain internships. Languages, psychology, basic math, art history, history of photography, etc. are examples of some of their liberal arts courses. 94% of faculty are still working in their industry. All degree programs and the courses for each are posted on the website.


Architecture program will require completion of 160 units whereas most other programs require 132 units to complete.


They accept the FAFSA for students wanting need-based aid. Recently developed their own financial aid.Three main scholarships - portfolio one based on merit or athletic scholarship or questionnaire grants. They are a division 2 school. 8 men's and 8 women's teams.


Campus life - even though they are an urban campus, they have 30 clubs on campus and within the dorms there are normal activities to bond the students. Athletics have also helped build community. Indoor pool, BBQ's, shuttle students to hike Muir Woods, etc.


16,000 students. 90 countries represented in their student body.


28 degree programs (architecture, multimedia communications, acting, industrial design, etc.) BS in Game Programming  - their only BS program. Over 50 game companies in SF alone.


They get a lot of transfer students from community colleges or from other colleges.


Every year they do a Spring Show - weeklong exhibition of student work. Over 100 industry experts come in to see the show to look for students to fill internship spots.  It's then opened to the public.


Academic Film Institute - working professionals come in to rate students' short films as well as advertising projects.


Lots of great networking opportunities through these programs and events.  Students learn the business side of projects but they don't have a Bachelors in Business.


Classes are capped at 25 students. Studio based school. 

 Tuition free pre-college art experience Saturday or Summer program!