Bryant University - 9/12/18

Daniel Wystepek, Director of Recruitment
3,500 undergraduates 
new indoor turf practice facility
$150 fly-in reimbursement program plus $150 more if you enroll; this program is not available to varsity athletes
Merit aid - $12,000 - $30,000/year - only 50 offers of the $30,000
College of Arts and Sciences + College of Business - must major at one college and minor in the other, do not need to know what major you want going in, just apply to Bryant. They are the only college that requires everyone to have a major and a minor. Most students complete at least one internship.
99% job placement rate with average salary close to $60,000, graduates highly sought after
Digital up-to-date equipment TV studio, etc. 
Not a suitcase school - something going on every day 
NCAA 1 with 22 varsity teams and 13 club teams, plus intramurals; recently started a men's club lacrosse team; their baseball team is nationally ranked and they have a world champion Dancing Dragon Team.
12 miles from capitol city of Providence, RI, historic with many great restaurants
Recent speakers - Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Viola Davis, Cal Ripkin, Jr., great concerts by well-known stars, Bingo Night (most popular event because it involves dancing and involves amazing prizes like TV’s, train tickets around Europe, Patriot tickets) 
1/2 of students study abroad; there's also a sophomore international experience for 12-14 days that integrates business and liberal arts programming; students meet with business people, and complete internships during this experience. 
Greek Life - 4 frats and 4 sororities, no separate housing 
87% of students live on campus, 95%+ of freshmen; 87% of students graduate in 4 years.
Application Process
Common App 
GPA 3.4-3.5  
4 years of math preferred
accept AP credit with a score of 3 or better
Test Optional - not negative and still eligible for merit
submit essays in lieu of test scores
SAT  1270 -1300 
ACT 26-27

Data Science is a new program in 2018 and has an artificial intelligence component. They also added a biology/chemistry concentration and a chemistry minor.

No nursing program but have had graduates studying biology, etc. transfer to prestigious graduate programs like Duke and U North Carolina, Chapel Hill 

There is a new Bryant campus in China. There is also a new 128 year indoor turf facility for varsity and intramural athletes. There is a new Academic Innovation Center and a new strength & conditioning building for varsity and club athletes.

Concentrations exists under certain majors. For example, under biology you can get a concentration in forensics.  Creative and fine arts is a concentration under literary & cultural studies. 6 courses = concentration and 4 courses = a minor.

25% of students triple-major.