California State University, Chico - 11/7/14

Chico State University


They don't admit by major. It's easy to change majors if you do go in declared.


Sophomore and junior year grades are the most important in terms of admissions. Your GPA has been determined by the start of senior year.  Take an ACT or SAT by December of your senior year.


They super-score test scores and don't look at the Writing component.


70% admit rate


3.39 is the average GPA for the Fall 2014 freshmen applicant pool and 1,018 is the average SAT (CR/M) and the average ACT was 22.


CSU application opens October 1st each year and closes on November 30th each year. If you apply in October, you'll get an earlier decision and it's good to get these applications done before other college applications become due.


1/3 of applications come in the last week of November and the computer system often crashes that week.


General Education allows students to dabble in a variety of courses and it can help students decide what they want to major in if they are undecided.


17,000 students. 10 minute walk from one side of campus to another. Apartment style and traditional dorms are available. Chico is an inexpensive place to live. Great college town!


They have great relationships with companies. 2nd in nation for sending students abroad. SFSU is #1 for sending students abroad.  They have study opportunities within the U.S. as well.


1/3 of student population are from the Bay Area.


Business is their largest major. Mechatronic Engineering, Concrete Industry Management are some of their unusual majors. They are strong in sciences and have lots of research opportunities for students.  Psychology is also a popular major. Agriculture is available. They offer a leadership minor.


They have Pre-Professional Programs in dentistry, forensic science, law, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine in terms of advising.


200 clubs/organizations. Volunteering is encouraged. 10-15% participate in Greek Life. Sustainability is a new minor and sustainable issues are important on campus. They host the largest sustainability conference in the country.  They have a local, organic garden on campus.


3502 is the eligibility index where they are admitting right now and that number may go down.