California Lutheran University - 10/15/15


Marcela Serratos reads the applications for our school. She's a resource for our students throughout the process and can be reached at (805) 493-3135 or


The school is located in Thousand Oaks - 45 minutes to downtown LA. Near Hollywood, Malibu. Great location for internships. Many majors require internships. Research opportunities are also available. There's an office on campus dedicated to finding funds for student research. Career Services help students with mock interviews, negotiating a salary, etc. 


2600 undergraduate students, 36 majors. Popular = business, psychology, communications, exercise science, all sciences. Pre-med program to make sure students are taking the right courses and getting the right advice. They don't have engineering or nursing. 


Trying to expand theater, music, art programs. Scholarships available in these areas - audition based. Scholarship is open to all majors. Separate mini-application due.


Students can come in undecided and there is no relation to accept rate


18 average class size; very hands-on academics


No chapel required; 2 courses are required. One is Intro to Christianity and one upper class of any type of religion. History based religious courses. There is a rabbi on campus as there's 3-4% Jewish students. 18% are Lutheran. A mix of faiths represented on campus. It's a welcoming campus.


Residential campus with 15 residential halls. Students have to live on campus the first 3 years. Seniors have the option to live off campus but most end up staying all four years. All suite style apartments. 


Lots of first generation students. 40% were first-gen from this last entering class. 25% Latino. 6% African American, 10% Asian, 60% Caucasian. 8% international - lots from Norway because of Lutheran roots.


The campus is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Near malls and stores. Thousand Oaks is a quiet town overall with mountains in their back yard.  On the border of LA County. It's a safe city with approximately 128,000 residents. Campus is 225 acres in total so it takes about 8 minutes from one end of campus to the other. Free parking so students can bring cars.


Division 3 athletics; 21 teams. Great football stadium. Just added men's volleyball. New dining facility as of last year. Jamba Juice and Starbucks are both on campus.


EA - November 1st. Common Application school exclusively. January 1st - Regular Decision. 3.7 average GPA, 25 ACT, 1125 SAT (CR & Math). No supplementals are required via the Common Application. They super score test scores.  If students want to apply Early Action but can't get it done by November 1st, they can still submit materials but they just may not hear as early as those who get it in by November 1st. 


COA $55K. Merit $5-$24K - you're automatically considered as you apply. Based on GPA and test scores. Full tuition scholarship is an option for students who apply Early Action. 4-6 full tuition scholarships are awarded. 28 ACT, 1250 SAT (CR & Math), 3.75 weighted is typical to be eligible for these full tuition scholarships.
There's another new scholarship - if the student gets in to Cal Lutheran and one of these six UC's, they'll match the price (Irvine, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Davis, San Diego, and Berkeley) - offering a $23K scholarship so students going to a private school can go for a public school cost. This scholarship moves with the student all four years and can increase based on tuition increases. Students send a copy of an acceptance letter to one of the six UCs and a letter from me to verify this.  This scholarship can't be stacked with a merit scholarship.


No Greek Life. Over 70 clubs on campus.


Cal Poly, SLO is an overlap campus