Central Washington University - 4/30/19

Sidney Lim, Admissions Counselor, 206-304-2487- he reads our applications

4 year public university, Ellensburg, WA - an hour and half east of Seattle

12,000 students (10,000 are undergrads), growing steadily every year, content to stay at this enrollment but it could grow more since applications are increasing.

Largest programs: education (founded as a teaching school =- 16% of all teachers in WA have earned their certification there), music (largest in NW - auditions take place senior year and it's competitive), business (internationally accredited), sciences, aviation (unique program - commercial, private pilot license, have an airstrip on campus), construction management, paramedicine (fire science/EMT hybrid program)

Over 100 student clubs and organizations, over 135 majors; common for students to double-major or major and minor; over 30 graduate programs as well.

Rural town (population around 12,000) - Cascade mountain region is 40 minute drive away; mountain sports are popular - they provide equipment rental and transportation; Yakima River runs through town, so water sports are big; hiking

Yakima is 30 minutes south and has mall, chain restaurants

33% students of color, so diverse for Washington

Multiple Pre-Professional programs - a set of prerequisite courses to get prepared for MCAT or law school or graduate school

Guaranteed admissions if you have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA (unweighted) and no personal statement required. If you are below 3.0, you must write a personal statement. Test scores are required of all applicants. 

Average GPA of incoming freshmen is 3.2, 1050 SAT, 21 ACT

Participate in the Western Undergraduate Exchange program - all admitted students get it (2.5 GPA to receive it and 2.5 college GPA to renew it each year); no separate application for the WUE

4 years English, 4 years of math, 3 years of social studies, 2 years of world language, 2 years of lab sciences, 1 year of art/elective = CADR (College Academic Distribution Requirements)

They have their own application online, not part of Common App or Coalition App. No letters of recommendation are required but students can submit them.

Averages 300 days of sunshine a year; experience all four seasons

Career Services connects students with jobs, internships, mock interviews, etc.  They offer academic advising and academic tutoring, counseling, first generation and students of color advising, clinics for physical and mental well-being.

Students are required to live on campus their first year.

In-state population is 85-87%, the rest come from out of state.

78% of first year students return for sophomore year (national average is 70%)

Lots of internships in Seattle

Airlines, Boeing, etc. offer internships and jobs to their students

They have an Honors College, William O. Douglas Honors College; you apply for admission and apply separately for the Honors College (3.4 minimum GPA) - take your general education classes through Honors College (higher level classes, smaller classes, more discussion based)

Average class size is 25

Most bang for your buck - 2nd most affordable college in Washington - earning potential after graduation is high

95% job placement in paramedicine and construction management

No nursing program; they do have engineering (mechanical, industrial, electrical, dual degree with physics and engineering - 5 year program and students come out with two degrees (3 years at Central and 2 years at another college in Washington)

Division 2 - Great Northwest Conference; strong in football (went to championship last year), rugby (compete outside of division 1)

No Greek life