Zoom: Using PearDeck to solve screen sharing issues

Students have a difficult time using their browser and other tabs if you are screen sharing.  Also, students cannot see the shared screen once they go into breakout rooms. Solution: Use Pear Deck instead of screensharing a presentation

  1. I prepare a slide deck that may or may not use Pear Deck questions.
  2. I then turn on Pear Deck within Google Slides as or after I’ve created the deck.
  3. Before class, I start the presentation (turn on pear deck first) by using the sidebar and “Start Lesson”
  4. I share my screen as they enter.
  5. I repeat, every minute or so, for students to join the pear deck following the instructions on the shared screen.
  6. I copy the invite link and post this in the chat on Zoom.
  7. I ask a student to repost every 2-3 minutes until everyone arrives.
  8. Once I get all of the students in the pear deck (by checking numbers in participants and on the deck), I stop sharing.
  9. Students then see the presentation in their browser, and I control the show.
  10. If a student arrives late, I ask another student to copy and paste the invite link.
  11. After the class, I end the session and name it.  Then, you can go to peardeck.com and the pear deck has a roster (for attendance backups) and a record of their participation in the presentation.