Canvas: Making it easy for students to find assignments

  1. Consider whether you want to have your students go to Modules, Assignments, or a Page that you’ve created.  Here’s a quick explanation of each of the above:
    1. Modules: “Units” or “Courses of Study.” Think of modules as binders or folders where students can find the content for each Unit or Course of study.  Assignments, quizzes, pages, webpage links, Google Docs, pdfs, etc. can all be added to a module.
    2. Assignments: This is what you think it is, where all assignments are posted.  If you’ve created categories for assignments, then assignments will post in the category you designate.  Assignments are posted in chronological order of creation, so new assignments are on the bottom of the list.
    3. Pages: Pages are static documents that you create, like a webpage.  You can add links, files, etc. to any page.
  2. Once you’ve considered which you’ll use as a starting point for students, follow these instructions:
    1. Click on the blue link, Home.
    2. On the right, you’ll see a button that says Choose Home Page.
    3. Click on that button.
    4. Select Modules, Assignments, or Pages, depending on what you decided for #1 above.
    5. Be sure to manage your modules, assignments, or pages so students see what they need at the top of the screen, as students aren’t likely to hunt for things they can’t find easily.
  3. Show students how to see their work in a quick tutorial at the beginning of class.
  4. Also, show students where the Calendar button is located (on the left), which contains all assignments for all of their classes (if you’ve given the assignment a due date).