Canvas: Using Student View

 (Video Tutorial)

  1. Go to your class “Home” page
  2. On the right, click on “Student View”
  3. The screen edges will turn pink, and allow you to see what the student sees.
  4. Look at what is on the Home screen. Do students have links to Zoom on the Home page?  If not, be sure to put that information there.
  5. Also, you can see the “To Do List” that the student sees. That list is populated by assignments with due dates.  If your assignments don’t have due dates, the assignments won’t show up on that list.  In addition, on the student’s Dashboard page, they have a aggregated “To Do List” from all their classes.  Your assignments (with due dates) will also show up there.
  6. Also, look at the blue links on the left; check to make sure that this is what you want the students to see. If this list is missing something, or needs something removed, refer to this tutorial.
  7. To leave the student view, click on “Leave Student View” on the bottom right of your window.