Tool: Setting up a self-sign up appointment calendar in Google Calendars

Here’s how:


  1. Go (with your district id)
  2. Create a newcalendar by clicking on the “gear” for settings at the top right.
  3. Click on “settings” then find AddCalendar>Create new calendar on the left. 
  4. Name thecalendar [Meetings with (your name)] and “create calendar.”
  5. Go to thecalendar 
  6. Click on where you would like to add a meeting
  7. Click onAppointment slots
  8. Set the duration and time of the meeting.
  9. Set the time limit forappointment  
  10. Also under more options you can add guests (the other teachers) and zoom links.
  11. You can duplicate this meeting (right click duplicate) and move the duplicate(s) where you’d like on thecalendar   Just make sure you are in Week view.
  12. Click on one of the meeting windows and click on “viewappointment page”. 
  13. Copy that link into Canvas and then students can self-signup.
  14. When they go there, they will see buttons.  Once they click on a button, that meeting slot disappears.
  15. Be sure you have google calendar on your web browser or on your computer (iCal or Outlook) so you can see when appointments show up.
  16. Let your students know about the calendar, and make it easily available on your LMS.

Here’s the same tutorial from Google