Zoom: Use features to deepen/enhance community

  • Virtual Backgrounds:
    • Have a daily background activity – Use the “national ____ day” to guide your assignment. For example, the 30th of October is “National Candy Corn Day,” so students can find a virtual background of candy corn.
    • Ask students to show an image of their favorite place in the world.
    • Have students find an image of a sci fi future in which they would want to live.
    • Find images of movies which they love (keep it PG).
  • Have an opening question for them to Direct Message (chat) you a response. Then quickly reply to all of them a follow up question.
  • Use a poll as a start up discussion question.
  • Move people to breakout rooms for 2 minutes for a discussion of current events, asking them to bring back their most important item for discussion.
  • Have students turn on and off cameras in response to questions.