Covid Safety Protocols

Here’s what we know:

  1. Students must stay 6 feet apart, facing forward, in an assigned seat (to which they return each day).
  2. Students may not share any materials, pass papers, or use class sets of materials.
  3. Teachers may hand out papers, before students arrive, with gloves, mask, and shield in place.
  4. Returned papers need a rest period for the virus to die, so they should sit overnight before being handled by the teacher. A good practice is for students to drop the papers in a tray, bin, or box on their way out.
  5. Zoom will not be used on campus BY STUDENTS. So, this means that students will not be joining a zoom while on campus.
  6. Teachers may not move freely about the room, unless the room is configured in a way to keep 6 feet of distance between students and teacher.
  7. Conferencing with students may only happen if the teacher can keep 6 feet of distance with the student, and is wearing a face shield and mask.
  8. All desks must be cleaned between classes.


I know that this presents a challenging scenario to us all.  However, we’ve heard some creative solutions to this challenge.  Send any ideas our way!  We’d love to share them with the staff.