Phone: Best ways to capture your work on your phone

Option 1: Take a photo

Yes, you can take a photo of your work, but you need to take some preparatory steps to make sure it is readable by your teacher.

Step 1: Place your work flat on a hard surface.  Flatten it out, removing any wrinkles or folds.

Step 2: On your camera, turn on your flash.

Step 3: Frame the image in your camera so it fits just inside the frame.

Step 4: Make sure your camera is parallel to the hard surface and your work.

Step 5: Take a photo WITH THE FLASH.


*Note: Canvas does not work with HEIC photos, so if you have a newer iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to change the photo settings to jpg or png.


Option 2: Use a scan app


iPhone: Use the Notes app to scan

All other phones (and you can do this with iPhones too): Use Adobe Scan

Step 1: Download Adobe Scan from the app store.

Step 2: Use Adobe Scan in the document setting.

Step 3: The document will save as a pdf. Make sure you save the file to your phone.