Solving Home Internet Issues

If you are having wifi issues, here are some helpful tips:

    1. Location:
      1. Your student should be within 35 feet of the nearest router, and not behind a concrete wall.
      2. Your router needs to be in a well-ventilated area that stays under 75°F.  If it overheats, then the router will stop working.
    2. Bandwidth:
      1. Make sure your student isn’t playing streaming video games during class.  
      2. Consider using parental controls, turning off streaming services and games during school hours. Here’s how (click the links): 
        1. XBOX/Microsoft
        2. Playstation/Sony
        3. Nintendo
        4. iPhone
        5. Android 
        6. ATT
        7. Xfinity
      3. Prioritize your student’s Zoom calls by avoiding the use of high bandwidth services during school hours. Watching Netflix or other video services takes up a lot of “space” in the bandwidth “pipe.”  Avoid listening to Pandora or Spotify.
      4. Consider resetting your router each morning before school.

Power outages:  If the power goes out –

      1. When out, the student can use a phone to call into class.  Check with the teacher for a phone number and password.
      2. When the power comes back on, turn off the wifi router until the internet is restored, then turn it on.  Wait for 2-3 minutes before connecting.