Who do I contact?

Who do I contact if my student is:

Not able to connect to class.

Call and contact:

  1. Attendance: 415-458-3418
  2. The teacher – Start with an email. Email addresses are first initial, last name @tamdistrict.org. If a teacher is Joe Smith, the email would be jsmith@tamdistrict.org. Call if the email gets no response (phone numbers here)


Getting poor grades:

  1. Start with your student. Ask them what is going on in that class. Find out how they access and turn in assignments. Ask them to show you their “to do” list and their grades in Canvas.
  2. Contact the teacher. Have the student write an email, and if the teacher doesn’t respond, write a kind email asking for more information.
    If your email doesn’t get a response, contact the school counselor.
  3. Contact the school administrator who oversees your student.

Getting absence calls:

  1. Talk to your student about what is actually happening.
  2. Contact the teacher if the student is attending but getting marked absent
  3. Contact the teacher regarding tardies due to connectivity issues.
  4. Contact Mark Machado in the attendance office.
  5. Contact the administrator or counselor if you have connectivity issues and/or cannot resolve the issue.