Several important items for those applying to UCs & UCSB-specific info (sent 11/13/19)

Dear Seniors,

As you know, the deadline to submit your UC application is November 30. That is also the deadline to submit your CSU application. Unfortunately, that date falls during our Thanksgiving break, which means we won't be on campus the week before to look over your applications. 

Here are some options so you can get help with these applications before the deadline: 

  • Stop by the Counseling Office today or next Wednesday during Tutorial 1 or 2
  • If you have a free 7th period, come by the College & Career Center next Tuesday to get your UC/CSU questions answered
  • Make an individual appointment with me or your counselor for a date/time this week or next week

Also, the following statement should be added to the first additional comment section on the UC application so that the readers understand how our Integrated Science program works:

  • The Tamalpais Union High School District requires every student to enroll and pass Integrated Science 1-2 and Integrated Science 3-4.  It is a mandatory two-year program for all entering freshmen and the completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, Integrated Science 3-4 is a prerequisite to all other science courses offered.

For more information on other things you could include in the additional comment sections on the UC application, please check out this page:

Since we weren't able to host the UCSB representative due to the power outage, their admissions office is offering several webinars specifically for North Bay students. Here are the details:

Learn About UCSB Webinar

Monday, November 18 at 7-8pm PST (Register here)
Tuesday, November 19 at 6-7pm PST (Register here)

UC Application and Personal Insight Questions Webinar

Wednesday, November 20 at 7-8pm PST (Register here)
Thursday, November 21 at 6-7pm PST (Register here)

Remember that it is your responsibility to arrange for the official test site (either ACT or College Board for the SAT) to send your scores to all colleges that require them. For the UCs, you can send them to just one campus and they will be shared across the system. If you are applying to multiple CSUs, you can use code 3594 to send your SATs to their processing center in Long Beach where they will then be distributed to other campuses.

There is also a bit more UC-specific advice under the heading Seniors on this page, so scroll down and check it out:

Best of luck on these applications!


Lisa Neumaier

College & Career Specialist

Sir Francis Drake High School

(415) 458-3481 - direct line