Next steps after submitting college applications (sent 12/11/19)

Dear Seniors,

After submitting college applications, look for emails from your schools confirming that they have received your materials. These emails often contain information regarding next steps, including instructions on how to create a portal account. Through the online portal, you will be able to check your admission status, see if the college is missing any application or financial aid documents, and read important information from your college.

Keep track of usernames and passwords for each individual portal account and check them every couple of weeks to make sure you do not miss important announcements or deadlines.

Remember that if you are accepted Early Decision at a college, it is imperative that you officially withdraw your applications at other schools if any have been submitted. You will not only help your fellow applicants, but you will also help colleges move forward with their decision-making process.

Whether you are still working on applications or are all done, plan to spend a couple hours a week researching and applying for scholarships. There are over 50 active scholarships listed on Naviance, so it's a perfect place to start. New ones will become active next semester, so keep checking the list regularly. To find the list that I maintain, click on the Colleges tab, then Scholarships and Money, and finally Scholarship List.

Lastly, it is my recommendation that none of you post your college admission decisions on social media at this time. Although it's normal to be excited and want to share good news, please remember that as you get acceptances some of your classmates will not. Be mindful that posting admission decisions can create anxiety in yourself and in others. Once you select a school to attend, by all means post about it, but for now please consider keeping your news off social media.

With warm holiday wishes,


Lisa Neumaier

College & Career Specialist

Sir Francis Drake High School

(415) 458-3481 - direct line