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 The District uses a "spam filter" to inspect all inbound email messages.  Suspicious & unwanted messages, known as "spam", frequently contain malicious code that can damage District assets.  When a message fails the "spam filter" tests, it is sent to a "Quarantine".  Since spam techniques are always changing, anti-spam technology is never 100% accurate.   Sometimes legitimate messages get quarantined, and sometimes real spam isn't caught by the filter.  When emails are marked as spam and sent to your Quarantine, you will receive an automated report that day at 4:30pm, listing those messages.  If no action is taken on the quarantined messages within two (2) weeks, they will automatically be deleted. Click here to access your own spam quarantine, and enter your District username & password to log on.  In the Quarantine, you can:

  • Release non-spam messages from your Quarantine, to be delivered normally
  • Block ("blacklist") senders whose emails you never want to receive
  • Allow ("whitelist") senders whose emails you always want to receive, regardless of content

TIP: If an expected message doesn't arrive in your Inbox within one hour, log into the spam firewall and look for the message in your Quarantine.