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Web Filtering

 The District's usage policy requires Internet traffic to be filtered, to prevent objectionable content from being accessed from the District network. This filtering is done by a “content-filter” device that categorizes websites and then provides access based on those categories. All Internet content is accessible by District staff, except for sites categorized as pornography, gambling, or security risks. Students are blocked from the categories listed above, and some additional categories, to prevent access to offensive content. The Internet is always evolving, and no content-filter will be 100% accurate. The filter will occasionally mis-categorize Web sites, resulting in harmless sites being blocked or offensive materials being accessible. Please help us improve the system by reporting these incidents via the IT Support link. 
 When a Web site is blocked, the browser will display a page which reads, "Sorry, [domain name] is not currently accessible because it is categorized as [blocked category]." You may click the "Submit site for review" button, enter your email address and reason for review, and click Send.   Submissions are sent to District IT staff and to the content-filter vendor, and include your username and computer name.