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Instructional Coaches Services

Coaching Services 

Personalized Coaching
Coaches will support clients in an ongoing personalized manner throughout the school year. Observations, goal setting, data collection, co-teaching, lesson study, and instructional rounds are all potential components to the coaching cycle. Approximately 50 hours of time will be spent between the coach and client targeting specific goals that support all learners in achieving academic success.

One time Supports
These will be short term coaching cycles that may take 3-4 weeks or maybe 1-2 meetings. The purpose is to target a specific need of the client such as tuning an activity, lab or lesson, observing for equity, or focused specific support around an instructional strategy such as socratic seminars, formative assessments, project based learning or equitable student participation. Coaches will work with PLC groups, counseling teams, SLCs, Para educators or other teams of people interested in working toward a common goal around equitable practices.
Instructional Rounds
Coaches and clients will identify areas of focus and problems of practice. A network of teachers will be identified and clients will engage in classroom observations of colleagues in order to work towards improving a particular identified problem of practice. A culture of shared learning, and instructional improvement will be the guiding principle. Coaches and clients will spend time debriefing classroom visits and working towards focused instructional change. Instructional rounds will look at classroom instruction in a focused, systematic, purposeful, and collective way.

 Learning cohorts
Teams of ten to fifteen district teachers will meet monthly to discuss topics such as equity-based approaches to classroom instruction, assessment, classroom culture, and technology integration.

  • are optional
  • have a focused area of study which highlights equitable classroom practices
  • are comprised of 10-15 colleagues interested in a common outcome
  • are anchored in pedagogy, so appropriate for teachers of any content area or experience-level
  • are differentiated to meet the needs of teachers with extensive or limited knowledge on the topic
  • will meet monthly throughout the 2019-2020 calendar year for 1.5 hours of paid time/meeting
  • will include time between monthly meetings that focuses on implementation of new learning with peer observations
  • will develop internal capacity of TUHSD teachers, and key learnings will be shared with others via workshops, online forums, and staff development