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Teaching Resources

Below are links to articles, videos and resources that may assist you in the classroom.  The following high impact practices have significant effects on student learning as seen in Hattie's research.   


 Student Engagement

Engaging Students in Learning Strengthening

Student Engagement  

Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Engagement


 Feedback and Assessment

Formative Assessment: An enabler of learning  53 Ways to Check for Understanding Know thy Impact-John Hattie 

Feedback that Moves Learning Forward

Assessment and Feedback

Activities that Solicit Evidence of Student Learning

Learning Goals and Teaching Roles 

Growth Mindset, Agency and Mind frames

Mindset works website Mindset and math/science achievement 

Inclusive Classroom Practices

But That's Just Good Teaching   Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence, Building Inclusive Classrooms  




Deciding to Teach Them All  Frayer Model Template Think-Dots-Template RAFT Write Template Learning Profile Cards Choice Menus Newsela- web based tool with leveled news, primary resources and more. 


Google Training Center Suite Training Center 
Chrome Web Store

Rewordify-Supports differentiating text, reduces lexical density, helps vocabulary learning. social collaboration tool where students can post sticky notes to share question, ideas and resources that help demonstrate what they know and do not know. 

Today’s Meet-Use the tool for whole class Q&A. This is better than the traditional approach as all students have a voice in the dialog, as opposed to it being just between the teacher and a few respondents.

Newsela- Online nonfiction literature site where you and students can choose the appropriate level of reading

Just Read- With one click you can remove distractions like: page styling, ads, popups and comments.

Talking web-lets the reader select text and reads it out loud for you.

Article-Smart tech for Equity


 Equitable Classroom Practices

Another Inconvenient Truth: Race and Equity Matter Common Core-A Tool For Equity  

Equity Blog Posts

Equity Self Reflection Tool

3 Practices to Promote Equity in the Classroom

Group Work

5 Tips for Making Group Work Effective  Facilitating and Monitoring Group Work   

 Teacher Clarity

Four Aces of Effective Teaching  Know Where your Students are Going  Clarity      Instructor Clarity