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Instructional Technology Resources

Instructional Technology Resources 

Tamdistrict portal applications: Please go to the portal login page to access district supported web applications. See the descriptions below for each application:

Agenda Online-easily access the agendas for Board meetings

Blackboard Connect-notifications system to send messages across a community

Blogger- is a blog-publishing service owned by Google Blogger that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. 

eSchoolPLUS (Teacher access)- click on the application to access our district supported grade book. Set up grade books for each class you teach, manage emails to parents and students, run class rosters, take attendance, print seating charts and more. Contact your site e-school support person:

  • Redwood:  Marissa Peck, (415) 945-3600 x 6764
  • TAM: Chris Erlin,, (415)388-3292 x 5107
  • Drake: Rod Milstead, (415) 458-3482

eSchoolPLUS (Manuals)-find support material for using eSchoolPLUS

GoGuardian-software helps schools easily manage their devices, better understand their students, and keep them safer online.

Google Classroom-free web service supported by Google that allows for the creation, distribution, and submission of assignments in a paperless manner.

Google Drive-file storage that is cloud-based. You can access and synchronize files across devices, store, share files, and collaborate with other users.

IT Help Desk-submit a report on a problem or make a request. Remember to log in before submitting your ticket.

Adobe Spark-is an integrated suite of media creation applications for mobile devices and the web developed by adobe.

Password Reset-you can change your password for security reasons or reset it if you forget it.

MCOE Payroll Records-view your payroll information here.

Spam Quarantine-after spam emails have been filtered it is collected in this quarantine area. You can manage your spam from this location.

Student Newspapers-easy viewing of the Drake Jolly Roger, Redwood Bark, and Tam News.

Staff Directory (On-Campus)-a complete directory of TUHSD employee email addresses, phone numbers and job titles.

TUHSD Email- access your TUHSD email here.

College Board AP- find the current information on AP Testing and the College Board.

CTC-Website for the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Email Archives-archives emails and filters for spam.

Frontline Absence Management-manages attendance and substitute teachers at each site.

MCOE Website-link to the MCOE website

PowerSchool Learning (Staff)-a suite of cloud-based tools designed for digital learning that includes a grade book, discussion, wiki, e-portfolio, in-browser annotator, and content sharing.

Turnitin-internet-based plagiarism detection service.

Blackboard Connect- notification system tool to help communicate more effectively.

Kahn Academy-short video lessons with supplementary practice exercises and materials.

WeVideo- a video editing platform that works in any browser.

Chrome Extensions- these are small software programs that increase the functionality of browsing while using Google Chrome. They allow the user to tailor their experience to their needs. These extensions can be added to your chrome browser by going to the chrome store. (they are grouped by category and there are "School approved" extensions. They can be added and removed easily if they are not meeting your needs. Please contact for support. Below is a list of classroom friendly Chrome extensions that may be useful. (**Note: you have to be logged into your chrome browser for these to be functional).

Google drive quick create-adds an icon that takes you directly to your drive
Google docs quick create-adds an icon that takes you directly to the google tool of choice (ex. Docs, slides etc.)
Google Translate-converts text to any language of choice.
Screencastify-allows you to video whatever you have on your screen while you talk.
Talking Web-select the text and it talks to you!
Just read-takes away all distractions on web pages. No advertisements, all text!
Readline- read selected text word by word
Google dictionary-look up a word by clicking on the icon in your toolbar and it will give you the definition.
Move it- gives you and your students a task to complete while giving your brain a break.
Ad-block for Youtube- blocks all adds from Youtube so when you go to play a clip in class, you don't have to wait to "skip" the adds. 

Grammarly- helps you write your best. Underlines and identifies errors in your writing so you can fix them!

URL shortener- shortens long URLs so students and teachers can access material quicker with a simple URL.

Web-based student response tools-you can access these through the internet by navigating to the website and most often logging into your account.
Socrative- Teachers can assess  students formatively independently or in groups
GoFormative-create online assessments, classwork or homework
Flipgrid- further student classroom conversations and discussions in a fun and interactive way. 
Web-based interactive tools-you can access these through the internet by navigating to the website and most often logging into your account. 
Canva- An easy tool to create blogs, cards, presentations, posters, social media post and more.
Remind- A third party site used to text messages to groups of people without using your phone or revealing a cell #. Send messages to your classes, parents or a group of colleagues
Edublogs, Wordpress, Blogger-students create blogs to share information with the larger community
Thinglink- embed images to tell a story by adding buttons and text
Remind-send out text messages to your class or individual students using a web-based application that doesn’t involve your cell phone number
Kahoot- Create quizzes and surveys to get student data on learning in a fun and interactive manner
Quizlet- Great review tool for students, recently added an interactive review game option. Popplet- make mindmaps of information gathered and have students synthesize information to demonstrate their understanding   Technology Tools that Support Differentiation-these are a combination of online tools and chrome extensions.  Rewordify- Supports differentiating text, reduces lexical density, helps vocabulary learning. social collaboration tool where students can post sticky notes to share questions, ideas, and resources that help demonstrate what they know and do not know.
Newsela- Online nonfiction literature site where you and students can choose the appropriate level of reading
Just Read (chrome extension)- With one click you can remove distractions like: page styling, ads, popups, and comments.
Talking web(chrome extension)-lets the reader select text and reads it out loud for you.
Article-Smart tech for Equity    Interactive Video Tools Playposit (formerly Educanon)-upload videos from youtube and embed questions. Easily evaluate student responses.  

Content-Specific Resources

EdTechTeacher- Technology resources and tools for teachers that have been organized by academic subjects, topics, and learning activity.

International Society for Technology In Education (ISTE)

Standards for Teachers 

Standards for Students