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Welcome to the TUHSD athletic web page.  We are proud of the athletic program at the District's three comprehensive schools: Tamalpais, Archie Williams and Redwood High Schools.

The TUHSD 2022-23 athletic program consisted of up to 44 teams at each of our comprehensive schools for a total of 3,035 athletes (duplicated) participating on 126 teams. Sometimes, one site offers a level of a particular sport that the others do not depending on interest in that sport.  Sports participation does not grow in parallel with enrollment growth.  Instead, participation may be restricted by the limits on some team sizes and more cuts are inevitable as the schools grow. See "Sports by Season" below.

Tamalpais Union High School District teams are members of the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) in the North Coast Section (NCS) of the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF). The CIF governs all high school athletics in California.

Athletic administration and coaches uphold the purpose of our Athletic Code of Conduct (AR6145.21) which is to promote the idea of healthy competition and to set standards of good sportsmanship for everyone involved. The District and all of our schools, along with all other MCAL schools, subscribe to the tenets of Pursuing Victory with Honor.


Athletics play an important part in the Tamalpais Union High School District. Young people learn a great deal from their participation in interscholastic. Lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, competition and how to win and lose gracefully are an integral part of each team in our athletic program.  Athletics play an important part, too, in helping the individual student develop a healthy self-concept as well as a healthy body. Athletic competition adds to our school spirit and helps all students – spectators as well as participants – develop pride in their school.

Objectives of Participation: To provide students opportunities for:

  1. Physical, mental and emotional growth and development
  2. Acquisition and development of special skills in activities of each student’s choice
  3. Team play with the development of such traits as loyalty, cooperation, fair play and other desirable social traits.
  4. Directed leadership and supervision that stresses self-discipline, responsibility, self-motivation, excellence and the ideals of good sportsmanship that makes for winning and losing graciously.
  5. A focus of interests on activity programs for the student body.
  6. Achievement of initial goals as set by the school in general and the student as an individual.
  7. Provisions for worthy use of leisure time in later life, either as a participant or spectator.
  8. Participation by the most skilled that will enable those individuals to expand possibilities for future vocational pursuits.

Value Foundation: The cardinal athletic principles and code of ethics shown below reflect the District’s interest in having our student athletes experience a quality athletic program.

  1. CIF/NCS Cardinal Athletic Principles
  2. Code of Ethics
  3. Pursuing Victory with Honor

This value foundation reflects the District’s interest in having our student athletes experience the joy and satisfaction which comes from winning on the field, but not at the expense of character development, good sportsmanship, physical well-being, positive self-esteem and personal academic success.





Begins: August 7, 2023

Begins: October 30, 2023

Begins: February 5, 2024
Football; JV, V Basketball Boys; F, JV, V Baseball; F, JV, V
Cross Country, Boys: V Basketball; Girls; F, JV, V Golf; Boys V
Cross Country, Girls: V Sideline Cheer; JV, V  Lacrosse; Boys JV, V
Field Hockey; Girls: JV, V  Soccer; Girls F, JV, V Lacrosse; Girls Jv, V
Tennis; Girls V Soccer; Boys f, JV, V Swimming and Diving
Golf; Girls V Wrestling; Coed V  Softball; Girls, JV, V
Sideline Cheer; JV, V    Tennis; Boys V 
Volleyball; Girls F, JV, V    Track and Field
Water Polo; Boys JV, V   Vollyball; Boys V
Water Polo; Girls JV, V