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College-Bound Athletes

There is an opportunity for many TUHSD student-athletes to play collegiate athletics; whether that be locally or nationally, DI, DII or DIII, whether scholarship, walk-on or intramural.  See your high school counselor for information about the specific courses at your school that will qualify for initial eligibility at the college(s) of your choice.  .  Please double check early.

** Get Ahead of the Curve:  Check off these steps as you work your way towards eligibility.

 9th & 10th:

  • Take a rigorous college prep course load and do your best throughout the four years.
  • Attend open houses and take unofficial visits.
  • Take ACT and SAT practice exams and decide if you should take prep courses.
  • Take the PSAT and/or the PLAN to prepare for standardized tests.


  • Register with NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Centers before the junior year is completed.
  • Send your transcripts at the end of the junior year.  This needs to be done in order to make an official visit.
  • Start working on college essays during the summer for your applications.
  • Take both the SAT and ACT (optional for most schools, but not all).
  • Prepare yourself for admissions interviews.
  • Complete Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and start FAFSA paperwork.


  • Consider early decision applications are due November 1st through November 15th.
  • FAFSA should be completed as soon as possible on or after January 1st.
  • Complete NCAA amateurism questionnaire after April 1st.
  • Final deposit is due May 1st.
  • Send final transcript and proof of graduation to both Eligibility Centers. 


These are links to the three national organizations that govern intercollegiate athletics:

NFHS: NCAA Eligibility (a free on-line course)

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)

National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA)